Motorola SLVR L7

Motorola SLVR L7

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  • raz

pavan, 28 May 2008iam not able to plat all songs in this mobile moto slvr L7.... moreits because the higest kbps is 192

  • aminah

i dont know how to use your browser can you help me?

  • laroc

this phone is really bad, the music is not loud enough! sometimes i can't hear when someone calling if i put the phone in bag.

  • Anonymous

you'll like it for a while, but then you'll realize how far behind u r. trust me- i had it for 18months. the camera's only VGA and u cant hav all song formats and eventually it becomez slow to react. now i got the k800i and itz the bast thing thats ever happened 2 me

  • Anonymous

farhan, 24 May 2008this phon rocks man!!!! it is fully customizable. u can eve... moreif u think this fone is fantastic,then u need to c some proppa fonez. try a samsung or even a nokia!!

  • Anonymous

pavan, 28 May 2008iam not able to plat all songs in this mobile moto slvr L7.... moreuse sync list in windows media player. if that don't work, then i'm sorry- i had this fone nearly 18months.

  • pavan

iam not able to plat all songs in this mobile moto slvr L7. its showing as file format not supporting may i know why and what the solution? please help me plz

  • slvr ch

Reginald, 18 Apr 2008I have a Motorola L7 and I can't apply a music format mp3 a... moreit's actually very simple.copy your ringtone mp3 to the phone switch to phone memory in the sounds menu,then select the file and press the menu button.there you will see the "set as ringtone" option.i been using this for about 1 and half years now and i am very happy with it.your friends may tell that this fone sucks but actually this is quite powerfull phone everything is customizable.

  • Rushdi Mohammed Raih

I have bought Motorola SLVR L7 just one week back. Now I find the set start flickering after switched on and get the screen blank afterwards. Even while it is switched off the screen do not turn blank rather the screen having a faded light. Anybody can help???

  • farhan

this phon rocks man!!!! it is fully customizable. u can even change its firmware and can even write ur on own program, but keep in mind its loudspeaker is not so good. In all its a great phone if u can use it. NOT FOR NOVICE!!!!!!!!!

  • tito

i got a L7 it got a media player my friend has 1 with itunes can i add i tunes to my phone too?

  • liz

splendid!!!!!!!!! cool fon for cool people. no problem about the phone just that the battery life is not good. for those who play music on this phone for long....hmmm..u might be suffering

  • Anonymous

My friend has this fon. There's so many thing i dislike about dis fon, so i just skip to what i like about this fon: great loudspeaker output.

  • Baratha

Mmmmm.... Well it's not a bad phone, good sound system, nice sleek design, clear VGA camera but it dosent have much applications.The navigational keys are not strong. I'm using this phone for 1 and a half years and my navigational keys have removed. The internal memory is very bad.

  • Dibs

The biggest problem u'll suffer using dis phane is its battery life.. if u continuously talk on 4 a long time.. Den definately a problem..
But d security functions (inbuilt) r awesome u can hides each n every part or application.. Can ne1 suggest ne other nokia phone wid same functions..

  • Prince

it s a very cool fone,i just bought it so i dnt know the fone that well, i need help where i can download skins and other cool stuff on my fone

  • maikl

to izan razali: u cannot download more than 5 mb to the phone, thats the limit. but u can install modded software - ACR firmware to use mp3 from the card as a ringtone (and many more features like 320 kbits bitrate, i-tunes, airplane mode, nightmode, testmode, and so on). i got that in my slvr and its great

  • Anonymous

for almost 2 years i have my l7 and the only complain i have is about the charger,that stopped working. everything else is fine,design, resistance,performance.i would recommend it to everybody but now a days, its nothing but a second phone to me.

  • izan razali

how to download lot of songs into my phone memory besides download to memory card. because its only can fit 2 songs. Or

can we set songs from the memory card as ringing tone? tq

  • flex

how can i get cd to down load music to my phone.motorola l7