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Motorola SLVR L7

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  • pinik

what would i say about l7.i hav no complain about this cheap,smart,fashionable device.i lov my small l7 very much coz i use this slim since 2007 and i hav no objection ,,,,some tell that man l7...ohh god u couldn't install a simple game in this slim but i hav no need any soft or game in it,,coz i m a normal user and l7 is perfect for me as i think an d i hav a pc so....pls tak care of ur l7 and always love it ...god bless ur moto l7...

  • Narendra

dear support team,
plz tell me how can i install the skins for PC to my cell phone

  • Anonymous

i have the phone but
how do you get itunes on it???

  • Larry

I bought my motorola L7 last February 2005 and since then i hadn't encounter any problem on this fone.I upgraded my memory card from 128mb to 1gb there's no change in its speed.the bluetooth feature is the same. i used it as a modem since i first bought it but the max.speed i get is 230kbps only. Downloaded many games in jarfiles (,copy the files in the java folder and install it in the fone. Also check out Explore the net.It's been 3yrs and it still works fine.Maybe Im just a careful user

  • Reginald

I have a Motorola L7 and I can't apply a music format mp3 as ringtones.It does not give me the possibility to do it.Please may someone help in this one.

  • Anonymous

The SLVR L7 is an ok phone. Neither is too great , neither is it too bad. It's looks makes it quite attractive with the black color and silverish effects on it. The camera being VGA is just ok quality, and the battery life is amazing on the phone if you're a high cellphone user. When it comes to the bad points. The phone has the old boring interface like any other motorola, sluggish as usual, and the keypad is just horrible. It eventually cracks, and it's hard to type on. The MicroSD slot doesn't accept more then 512mb of memory. If you insert a 1gb it won't recogize it. It's a wierd thing.

There isn't any value added on this phone, so it's just an overall Ok phone. Obviously a bunch of other phones out in the market would definitely beat out this cellphone.

  • neerajhunky

hi i have motorola l7 i have porblem with memory card. memory card is not working.
when i formet the card then always show formting faild tring again. pls give me reply. as soon as

  • gichana

can some please tell me how i can increase the phones sms holding capacity i only have 30 sms yet it indicates sms memory full some one out there help me please

  • Fadhili mahenge

I appreciate my motorolla SLVR L7 for it has great perfomance and actully am enjoying,only one thing is missing,i advice you to include fm built in radio in so doing it will be better.
also am holding my motto SLVR L7 with serial number 353609015463954 the only problem is on battery charge. Would you please let me know how i will identify that the battery i have is of original brand,and if i want to buy a replacement battery what features am i to focus so that i get a genuine moto battery? I will be comfortable if i get your immediate responce

  • Steven

Internet is way to slow as well as blue tooth conection. Those who dont know how to down load games just go to or any gaming site and click download.

Im very disapointed with this phone as it is to slow and scratches eaily. I think it is junk.

  • Tim

Hi! Plz i'd like to know if games available on moto l7, such as Asphalt, Real Football etc... are good. Are they like PlayStation games? Cause i wanna download many games on my l7. Mail me please. Thanks!

  • Tim

Hi! Plz i'd like to know if games available on moto l7, such as Asphalt, Real Football etc... are good. Cause i wanna download many games on my l7. Mail me please. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

Had very slow keypad command response time until I took battery out briefly. Cool phone, still could be faster and more responsive.

  • Anonymous

i love pink very fashionable and handy as well easy to use for a very affordable price aizel

  • Anonymous

fashionable very trendy easy to use and now a days pink fits all

  • IZEL

my dream pone fashionable the color pink now a days is suit for everybody izel

  • booonet

-nice stylish design.
-bright screen
-errr what else? hahaha!
-very solid phone
-good batt life

-after long use (1year), keypads and keys on its sides, wears off
- finger prints are all over
-only one socket for headset, charging and usb cable
-hard keypads
-my middle key popped off
-music player is not that user friendly
- sometimes the screen turns white then back to its "desktop".

aside from these, everything else is OK. not Good but just OK.
canera, vids, etc.

  • Faketrix

my comments i had posted earlier on Oct 2007:-

+ great value for money
+ includes data cable and handsfree, which r otherwise expensive if bought separately
+ software and connectivity to internet works fine
+ nice neat port for charger/USB. phone can charge from usb cable too (i think thats cool). port on my old SE was a pain.

- really really poor graphics, the icons etc look like graphics from video games of the 80s. trying to download themes without any luck
- bad bad camera. SE vga cams r much better
- keys are hard
- size, though slim, is wide and long and uncomfortable in the pocket

overall - clever buy


now after 5 months of usage:-

+ the built quality is great. no scratches, no paint peel off, keypad still good - basically no problems at all so far
+ sound quality is nice

- had to upgrade my memory card. the 64mb that came with the phone was a joke
- extremely slow response esp in the phone book. very irritating, i kinda memorised the settings so i press the keys in sequence and wait for it to get there
- camera, hardly used it
- keypad, very hard. after writing a msg, i feel like i need to relax my poor thumb
- the time to go to the nxt letter is slow, i mean if u have to type 'ab' then ull have to wait some time for the cursor to move forward or else have to press the right key
- battery lasts approx 2 days
- GPRS is slow, not because of the network but maybe due to the slow processor
- many ppl say that i need to speak louder. i found out that it was due to the placement of the mic. be careful not to block it with ur cheek
- still havent been successful in downloading skins/themes

looks like the -ve has got the better of the +ve. but i still think that this phone has gud value for money. dont know if they overcame these issues with the new L9.

when buying a phone most ppl look out for stuffs like camera, memory, looks, etc. but what is also important (and less advertised) is the processor speed (response time), reliability of the software, quality of the material, user friendliness, etc. and i think in this field nokia stands out. gud luck everyone

  • Daij

can i install softwares in this mob

  • ankur

pls. tell me how to install games & software in this phone & can we have radio in this phone.