Motorola SLVR L7

Motorola SLVR L7

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  • Anonymous

on my moto SLVRL7 when i try to access camera it says busy try later can any one plz help me in rectifying this problem

  • Anonymous

can i record music on it by using the radio???????????????????

  • Arsal

can u thoroughly describe the process fro changing skins and so ....

  • Hamster

You need software to change and download skins. Try SkiMan;)By the way, by changing the mma files you can get a 12 icons menu, which is rather convenient.

  • Hamster

Nice device to mod:) I've had my L7 for more than a year but still find surprises in its SEEM :))) By the way, I really like the design.

  • boy

SLVR L7 is very cool phone. when you're tired of looking its original icons/interface. you can upgrade it by yourself and make it looks great. i have several firmware upgrades done on my phone, and my phone always looks new. it has a skins that make it more beautiful than other brand. There's a skin/pack that make it look like NOKIA or ERICSSON. Hahahaha, this phone really rocks!!!

  • lectro

phone just lights up by itself at about minutes after 12 in the night. no screen saver or anything. the light just comes on then after the set time, it goes out. anybody experienced this b4, buzz me. if u know y as well, tell me.

  • waleed

hey is it possible that we can use the bluetooth stereo headset of motorola L9 with this mobile? plzz do tell me urgent!!!

  • lucky

i advise you to look for a better phone.. L7 is only good for the eye... battery life sucks, video only 30 secs, camera not too good.. full screen view for pics not available... when attaching personalized ring tone to your contacts, it works for both sms and call so you have to look at your phone to find out if it's a text or call... useless feature..

  • Vinesh

I beg your the last message i had typed...The message was for Josiah and not for JOSH!

Sorry Josh for taking your name.. and Josiah the last message was for you...if you still cant get over the problem,just mail me at

Nice time ppl...

  • Anonymous

how can i create a playlist in motorola L7?please answer..

  • Anonymous

a very rock phone.
very strong..
u can drop it from 10meters to hard surface
u can drown it 3meters underwater
u may smash it 3 meters to brick wall

  • Anonymous

tell me more at Thanks in advance

  • boy

there are lots of MONSTER PACK to change the looks of your L7, cool themes, animated sending and receiving. Change the start up. I have mine, and it looks like iphone. very cool guys.

  • Allen

my phonebook list disappeared from my phone.Kindly advise if there is anyway I can recover it from the phone system.

  • david

is it available to change theme or skin for this phone? if yes how if a guy know plz help me

  • Vinesh

hey Josh..well it depends on what network you are on...Safaricom or celtel..if it is celtel,just call the customer care and they will lead 710(celtel customercare) if you have celtel.If you are using Safaricom,just visit any safaricom retailer or just visit the safaricom office near Sarit center,westlands..Nairobi.And you will have internet on your phone..

What I say about the phone is..its an okay the features..but the typing is just toooo miserable!!!!!!

Hope I have helped you Josh..if not,just get back to me..Vinesh.

  • josh

lags when writing a text. not good at all. i hate it and will never buy a motorola ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever again!

  • josiah maina

it has been very hard for me to connect my phone to internet and am in kenya. is there a possible way and fastest to do this. also most of your phone are sold without a memory card. could you be having an inbiult memeory card including a redio. thank you
josiah from kenya

  • Jennifer

Wow I received a call from OCBC tis afternoon saying I got the free handphone give away contest. Hoping its useful to me.