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  • gokul

i tried installing those itunes files but says invalid file. and im haveing these problems with transferring music to the phone. it gives me an error called I/O device error. nothing seems wrong though. and then not able to install the phone tools properly. keeps telling me mp3 codec unsupported. can somebody please help.
this phone is awesome though.

  • zuz

bought a pink L6 4 my daughter and a black L7 4 me. Had some issue's but this forum was very helpful, U eventually find out it does most things u thought it did'nt. Ive emailed moto with a couple of questions the support site is hellomoto@google. Generally impressed there seems a big differance with US & Europe firmware but what can U do about it other than emigrate. oh the flexiskin(tm) looks good for any work phones.

  • sarvraj

i boughth th L7 recently but it came without the iTunes software. do let me know from where imay be able to download this software

  • cingular_rep


If you have cingular wireless and had wireless insurance before you upgraded to the slvr you should know that the insurance is NOT tranferable LOCKLINE (insurance company) doesn't insure this model. Now... this is what i have come up with. I contacted them and told them that in my case i had an insurable phone with them when i started and now i upgraded and is not covered... i told them i had my initial phone for over 1 year paying them the 3.99 and so i should be entitle to make a claim.. The agent said that because i was covered for over a year and never claimed anything they will HONOR 1 claim and CANCEL my insurance right after.... SO is it worth the 3.99 a month for year and the $50 deductible to have peace of mind....yes concidering that if you want another slvr from cingular the out right price is close to $400 dollars. SLVR IS NOT ELEGIBLE FOR WIRELESS INSURANCE ON ANY CARRIER. and customer are only elegible for upgrade starting with their first 12 month and you only get 50% of your upgrade discount... you have to wait for yout 21 month to get the full UPGRADE DISCOUNT

  • cingular_rep

Hi constantine:
Ok i'm going to try the zip when i get home and use my apple to go to the address because if i go with my windows it still doesn't show anything neither on the phone or browers just that the page couldn't be display. Just a quick questions though... is this zip file or website going to reset my phone... in other word should i back up everything that i have? does it just affect the I tune software part of the phone or does it change the operating rom of the phone?

  • Kelvin

Did you say u installed itunes on your SLVR L7 phone? How did you do it? Kindly share. I'm sure a lot of pple in this forum will be very grateful
Thank you

  • constantine

To Cingular_rep

Try this site to crack the cap but it only lets you have 1000 songs but still better than only 100

  • constantine


when you go to


a window should pop up saying iTunes needs to be open so try that

  • xt13500

to the people who are wondering about roaming i had a friend who had t mobile and his phone just said extended network

  • Anonymous

its funny the US version of the phone have itunes. nonetheless a 100 songs limit.
as for skins. you will have to tweak your phone for them. because motorola does not provide a instalation process to add skins others not made by them.

  • aasif

does this phone show call time (call summary)at the time u r talkin or in the end when u end the call...reply soon plzz

  • *kaycy*

can anyone tell me how long i have to charge the battery up for the first time??? thanks x

  • albert

For me this is very good telephone!!

  • Anonymous

Mine comes with Motorola default MP3 player, Java MP3 player by default. It includes all cables, charger, manual and CDs.

I loaded iTunes, custom skins, Dictaphone and Java games on this phone and it works fast with no lag, unlike what the review says. This could be due to software difference.

The phone plays Apple ACC audio files and charges through mini-USB.

One of the weakness of this phone is the low-quality VGA camera and no built-in radio. Its a world-class phone with a third-world camera. I give it 7/10

  • cingular_rep

To constantine

I tried to go here itmss://­a/wa/upgradePhone and i get an "invalid syntax" page or a page cannot be display message? My phone is hooked up but nothing happens. What am i doing wrong?

  • Anonymous

Really love this phone but who can help on the up loading of the SKINs to the phone?

  • allan

to ajkousa

no problem. you are most welcome.

  • ajkousa

thanks a lot ALAN for ur help!!!!!!! much appreciated and everything is working like a breeze now. thnx again.

  • kevin

Lid the phone can store alot more pix if you get with the memory card

  • allan

to henry,
no problem, just helping out so that in this world we wont have more bald ppl(pulling hairs out of frustration due to not understanding how the phone works, hahahahahhaha) as for the picture, u cant resize it when it is too big to be open-up by L7, tried it yesterday.