Motorola StarTAC 130

Motorola StarTAC 130

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  • Totte

I wanna buy startac 130 or 70.

  • Sanjay k Patel

Can You Help me to get New LCD & battery 4 this Phone.

  • asu

i want a ringtone on my phone ! can you help me ??? i have a motorola startac 130

  • bill naldrett

is there a replacement for startac 130 i can use in my jaguar factory fitted system on s type 3litre se year 2001

  • Abdul Rahim

I from malaysia. I have phone Motorola StarTac 2004 from korea. The problem is i already con. to GSM from CDMA but i still cannot use because dailing 013,019,017 and other is not my phone (software). Can somebody help me please. thanks.

  • fred hendricks

HELP I bought a 2000 Mercedes and they want to charge me a arm amd a leg for a startach phone to go into the already exiting phoneport Where can I purchase the phone and 86 mercedes.

  • A. Teschek

I am looking for an instruction manual for a motorola startac 130.

  • John R. Phillips, II

I have a StarTac Phone, that was given to me. What I need to know is, what does it mean when you have a Circle with an A in it, and Why does the Phone keep switch back, and forth to Roam??? Please let me know....Thank You!!!! JOHN

  • Antonis

I want to buy a STAR TAC 130 in good condition (as good as possible)! Please can you help me?
Thank you in advance

  • emre bozdoğan

ı want to buy motorola startac 130 please give some information

  • lie

im from malaysia,i have a startac 85 but it have some damage onit, i want to repair it,but dont know where to send it
any ideas where i can repair my startac 85

  • wossenu areda

My sister sent me motorola starTac 130 from u.s.a and I haven't got the user manual with the phone could you please send it to my e-mail or my postal adress is;
Wossenu areda
POBox 8063
Addis Ababa

  • Evia C

We are looking for Motorola StarTac manual.

Please assit.

Eviatar Cohen
CTS World Wide
Phone: +972-54-4911553
Fax: +972-9-7602169

  • Matt

I just got a motorola Startac and i dont have the manual for itand i cant find it on is there anywhere else to find it?

  • Amos McLamb

sr#FCD94DF1 800CDMA SOFTWARE 6259 ROAM LIST 803. Can I get a manual? Phone came in a Merc.Benz S430. It works great (hands free, etc) But I need to up-load numbers fm. phone to command center in the Nav system of the car. Any help will be appreciated.

  • Amos McLamb

sr#fcd94df1 800cdma software 6259 roam list 803

  • rich ruedas

The Motorola startach by far none the best cellphone ever made to date. I use mine and recomend them with out reservation. I know they are not made anymore, but they are the best over all. If you can show me a better one, I may...I may consider?

  • Steve Harris

If all you need is a damn good 'phone without all the 'Bells & Whistles' this is it. Ignore what the poor deluded Fashion Victims have to say about this and buy one, you will not regret it. I bought one because the SAR level is one of the lowest around and now I'm hooked. It easily outperforms all my newer 'phones in signal strength/clarity due to extendable antenna. Loads available on eBay (USA handsets don't work in UK!) along with loads of accessories. Li-ion batteries best, I use 1100Mha Main and 650Mha auxilliary and it lasts for ages between charges. Carry a spare auxilliary in your pocket and it'll never run out in every day use. Overall rating 10/10

  • OttO

I need this phone in good condition, if anyone got it please email me at THANKS!


Good design but the size is just too big for the palm of the hand, futher more there is no composing of one's own melodies. But the price is OK.