Motorola StarTAC Rainbow

Motorola StarTAC Rainbow

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  • Anonymous

i love this phone.....ive had it since i was 3.......its so easy to use and looks just like a toy......i love it so much i gave it a name "Tomy my first phone"

  • sidereal

Classic Startac phone and a design icon – the rainbow is now a collectors Item and has recently been added to the Design Museum in London. If you can Get one do so – present value $200 plus

  • will Greenham

this phone excellent but its features arent very good but hey who cares i didnt invent it ive got a class fone so i cud paint it them colours ha ha

  • Tai

startac... or startacky

  • Wax

OMFG, WTF is that! That is the most hideous phone i have ever had the displeasure of seeing, how can you people actually say that is a good looking phone, are you blind? That is the most degrading phone i have ever witnessed, if someone showed me that phone i would seriously think it was a toy, its stupid, ugly and basically wrong.

  • 78

it is cool look the colors mmmmmmmmm i want to eat that cellphoneits the best cellphine in the world it has infraded port,and all that. i need to buy one now i am going to order it ;) :P

  • ***

is a very faz cellphone!! very artistic!!!!!!!!!!! i want to buy it!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhh

jajajjaja.......please, who invented that phone!!! :P

  • frank

Those colours are totally sexual. I want one know, thats one fine phone. Is it colour screen :p

  • rayzel

dude, this phone- i mean what`s with the colors, uhh.. is this like designed for a 4 year old i mean come on that`s pathetic sorry buddy but who ever designed this has got some real thinking to do.. haha

  • fart face

hello im gettin this fone 4 crimbo so plz dnt dis it. ive heard its dead ghud is it???

  • me

this fone does vibrate, i have 1in my my drawer for when my new fone's break, and its still workin fine to this day

  • Nick

Are you sure you guys knowe what you are talking about ? Seems to me you are poor informed. This phone was the top of the line back in 1997. Were you even born at the time ?. This phone is history and highly collectiable. Go Ebay and see what you have to pay for a phone like this in new condition. Poor guys. Next time make some intelligent comments.

  • cindy

Wow! This is like one of those phones you see in movies from the early 90's people thought they were sophisticated.HAHAHAH It looks like a colorful block

  • Anonymous

this phone.....has no cam or is that possible......? what some ppl comment one it even real..cuz ...doesnt seem to have that those days

  • Sam

Who ever said it has bluetooth and a 4.2 megapix cam, please tell me you were joking, this phone is poor. i looks like a toy for a baby.

  • Harris

wut is this an antique fest? dude my dad had a startac when i wuz 4!!!!lol that stuff is for sale and every 1 wants it now? ARGH!!!

  • melih

hi this is the best fone ever its got:
colour screen
4.6 mega pixel camera
memory stick
its very small
this is the best fone any 1 can ever get

  • curlz

this cinder block kept me laughing for a good couple day's no lie!!

  • msiumng

I am so glad that I found a brand new one in a store in Hong Kong for sale today for only $250HKD (around $30 USD) brand new in box only one in the store when I saw it I say I have to buy it right away and now became a very proud owner of this classic StarTac Rainbow =D (Too bad it doesnt come with the red battery) =(

  • Anonymous

thisphone looks kinda cute maybe you could buy it at a toy shop