Motorola StarTAC Rainbow

Motorola StarTAC Rainbow

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  • Roberto

Man, look at this! is completely 80's style :) rubish n crap! throw it at the garbage :))) hehehe

  • dug

are u lot nuts diz phone is crap look at it! it looks in the 80 style of clothes u used to hve!

  • faggot nancy

i love this phone!!! i want 10 of them.

  • Commander Riker

You may get a nice return if you sell this StarTAC on eBay - it is indeed rare.

  • teamcuba

I have one of these rareities, has anyone any idea how much they are worth? have never been able to find another on E-Bay.

  • g unit

lol, that phone sucks dude

  • Anonymous

now that is more like it

  • Anonymous

dunno about startac how about tac full stop

  • Nesha

This phone is so CUTE! If I didn't already have a great cell, I'd hunt this down on eBay...

  • Anonymous

Do u believe i actually had this phone??? But i kinda like it. Very funky and cheerful lookin. Everytime i use it in public, every1 thought im mentally disordered person hus escape frm the mental hospital talking on this 'TOY'! But still, i have it with me.

  • kak

loooool rainbow looooool bad

  • MATT

are you kidding?

  • This is a phone man?

This is a phone man???I don`t think so.

  • Miki

how about the price? i can`t find it anywhere but i want to buy it. Can you help me?
Thank you

  • Eric Johnston

I have a brand new boxed ex display model for sale -- if anybody is interested !

  • AliReza Saadati

I wish I could have a startac rainbow, but I have no access to purchase it, because it is an old model, I love to have one,
Can anybody help me to buy one?

  • misty

OH MY GOD what a purely horrific phone. I don't think I've ever seen anything as scary in my life. No matter how good this phone was, no redeeming factors could win you over from the colour!!!!! My Eyes are bleeding!

  • ronnie

i love the phone , infact i have one myself but i've misplaced my manual that came with it . i will be glad if you can help me out with it. thanks

  • muddy benson

it's nice but i want to order for it but do not know how to do it.
please,send me a mail telling me how to order.

  • victor williams

love the colour but did not have game, nor clock

thank u.