Motorola V220

Motorola V220

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  • powerdudes

my first ever mobile phone from Australia.. anyway it's not Mini-Sim.... it is Regular Sim

  • Ioan

My first phone, at age 14, back in 2005 :)

  • AnonD-513749

I remember buying this in 2006 and regretting it because I could have got a better phone for a little more money.

  • kaiser

i m old too :)but i m still working ;)

  • AnonD-330582

PK, 23 May 2012Can't believe you still use this... I had this in 2004...'03 was when mine was purchased

  • AnonD-330582

Actually, 11 years old and still kicking! Of course most people use smartphones today but why knock a product that is still working for over 1 decade later? I'm giving mine away to a person who actually prefers a simpler flip phone and he's younger than 20 years old so what's your point about it being "old" ???

  • Anonymous

Gala, 06 Dec 2012I have using this phone eight years. I had not problems in ... moreits old

  • Gala

I have using this phone eight years. I had not problems in this phone.

  • Prince RD Hassan

i cant use that type of cheap cells i use a cell more than 1 crore plzzz tell me a name of that cells what i want

  • PK

maya, 25 Apr 2012Hie can someone tell me how to upload pictures to facebook ... moreCan't believe you still use this... I had this in 2004...

  • maya

Hie can someone tell me how to upload pictures to facebook using this phone? And I cant seen to find the bluetooth on this phone. Also can someone tell me the settings for push email and if I can download angry birds 367 this phone. Thanks. Its still new so i'm trying to get used to it but i'm loving it so far.

  • shawny6970

I used to have this phone in 2004 or 2005 and I have to say that this phone was amazing for the time. The camera made all my friends look sooooo thin and beautiful, a few still have the pics from this phone on their facebook! but this was the best phone of my teens, did i mention it was durable? oh the memories!!!

  • K

Both me and my mum got new phones in 2006 - she bought this one. I've gone through two phones since then but her V220 is still working well! 6 years! And it doesn't look like it's going to give up any time soon! Quite extraordinary.

  • Doi

My first phone, used to love it

  • AnonD-8202

I got this phone from my mother in 2006. It is a 2003 V220. It has been dropped in water, down stairs, across pavenment, in snow, and smashed into corners when in my pocket. And after all of that it still works, and has the original battery!!! I love this phone!!!!!!!

  • BeeJ 260

I had gotten a 2003 V220 from my mother in 2006. Now, in 2011, the phone still works and has it's original battery. It has been dropped down stairs, in water, in snow, across pavement, and smashed into corners when in my pocket. And, after 8 years of that, this beauty still works!!!! I love it!!

  • Wayne White

Please can you give me an indication as to what is the matter with the handset, i.e: the display doesnt readily come on, occasionally flashes on and off, when the screen does come on it only displays half with letters aand digits back to front.....does this handset have any display i.c's or could it be a flexi problem?

  • Anonymous

Emilia, 09 Jan 2010i was using this phone for about 2 years but then suddenly ... moreYou can always buy from EBay...If you don't have an account, ask your friend to buy one for you and pay your friend afterwards.

  • jay

3 people in my family got this fone for xmas few years back i also got was my first motorola fone and can clearly say my last ill never go for a motorola fone again POS ..2 of the phones flip made weird noises when flipping the screen up mine however didnt the software on the phone is buggy and crashes a good lot it did last me a year and half but then i forgot my password to access the phone so i got my relitives v220 and it was really bad when inside a building calls would drop would have to go outside it would turn off and the camera stopped workinng after that my other relitive who also had one only stopped using it in 2009 so lasted almost 5 years so only some are faulty..i liked the way if you missed a call or txt it would beep to let you know the battery was very bad in this fone from the start gets drained way to easily..not reallly reccomended i got a SE K310i after that and it was a excellent have a LG touchscreen and nokia 2330 they are both the best and most reliable fones ive bought to date im sick of sony ericsson phones they go crap after a year or so well the to models i had k610i and k770i died after over 2 years over usage so i suppose that was a good phone !

  • i h8 jeff and leah

jeff, 16 Jun 2009i'm using this kind of cellphone but my v220 has a pink col... moreno jeff