Motorola V220

Motorola V220

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  • Emilia

i was using this phone for about 2 years but then suddenly battery went dead. now i don't know where to get a new battery:(

  • iplop

I bought this phone back in 2004. While I've gone through several other phones (SLVR L7/w810i/Treo650), my trusty v220 has always been there as my backup!

Ever since I bought a $6 Chinese 750mAh battery, I've only had to charge this phone once every week and a half to boot!

This phone's fallen in lakes (two or three times), been dropped out from the second story of a condo (onto pavement), and it's still kicking!

  • jaymes

useless phone calls drop unless your outside even with full signal inside it still drops ..never get a motorola phone again !!

  • jeff

i'm using this kind of cellphone but my v220 has a pink color on it. this phone is so cute. . i love this phone ΓΌ

  • veneno

it is very cool phone from maniatic from mobile old you capacity of camara and usb from manager utility from mobile....

  • Anonymous

this was my first phone and it was cool back in like 2004 but now-a-days its called a blackberry! HELLO!

sorry to all of those who like it tho.....

  • Jase

- PATT;;, 21 Dec 2007LOL. i bought this fone this year in 2007 and i have had i... moreI have an expensive mobile which I LEAVE it at home when goin out at night with friends!! I have had the same V220 since day one its small nifty and VERY good for a 2nd FONE ok so its not got vids bluetooth etc etc SOOOOO remember it came out in 2003/4 bluetooth was in its infantcy then this is a great 2nd fone I also remember the V50 when that was introduced been a motorola fan all my life I have the K1 to am in my 40's all I need is a mobile that works NOT one that could get stolen at a oppertunity...

  • Anonymous

the party i call cannot hear me what to do?

  • Bob from Michigan

Phone has served me VERY well for 4 years with no maintenance. It has great battery life, good coverage even in weak signal areas, and has clear, easy to read display and large enough keys to be useful. Weakness is that it has always given the wrong time by 1 hour on vmail messages, and all the buttons on the outside of the unit cause problems if I am not careful what I touch when I pick it up to answer. Those buttons are seldom used except to turn off the ringer, but they do other things that must be related to the non-phone functions. Too bad they are not recessed.

Great phone for people who want a phone and not a toy. (For camera I use Canon Digital EOS. For computer I use HP Workstation and Dell laptop.) I use my phone as a phone, and have a hard time finding phones with specs as good as this one.

Note: Phones used as other devices are useless to far-sighted people unless they wear bifocals, since everything on them is way too small be of any value.

  • Harmony

Had This Phone Once.. Never Again, Its Ok If You Like To Call and Text :S

  • mark

Bought this phone over 3yrs ago but have long-since replaced it. Have just given it to my 7yr old son as his 1st phone, as it v.basic & easy to use.
PS, i'm posting this msg using wi-fi on my Nokia N82, best phone on market at the mo!

  • Anonymous

Possibly the CRAPPEST phone I had.
1. The camera was crap
2. The "MP3" was crap
3. You could not download any videos
4. Hardly any features
5. No bluetooth
6. The IM was completely pointless

My LG Chocolate is MUCH better :)


this phone is terrible

  • Kurt

By far, the best phone everrrrrrrrr made. Where my immix peeps at

  • Noobhai

Sohai phone.... Camera spoil -_- no bluetooth,infrared not worth buying.. Rather buy a W910 Sony Ericsson phone

  • Anonymous

Pls dont buy dis fone..... Spoiled camera.. zzzzz

  • Anonymous

i have one which i am not happy because
it says it has MP3 which doesnt work and
has not enough space.

  • Anonymous

my friend had this phone for 1/2 a year and hated it, because of the screen, camera, memory, no bluetooth, battery ...

  • Bo

This phone has about the best sound reproduction (bass and depth specifically) that Ive heard in a phone. Great 'mobile'!

  • Rick S

In a few weeks, it'll be 3 years with this phone. I've only replaced the battery as I was only getting about 1.5 days of use out of it. Using Mobile Phone Tools with this phone, it was excellent. I used it in a remote eastern Canada Location for Internet access with my Laptop (No problem, albeit expensive!)
It worked perfectly in Dubai UAE, London England, Madrid Spain, the US and Central Mexico. I'm upgrading next month, ONLY because I want blue tooth. This phone has a lot of miles on it!