Motorola V220

Motorola V220

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  • V220 Fan

this is the best phone ive ever seen. super... i will buy it..

  • mystic

rubbish screen but looks great

  • Anonymous

meomory: 1,8 mb (not 1,5)!!

  • Anonymous

Nice design

  • Anonymous

Unlocked price around EUR 250 in europe.

  • bltchy

i just want a phone to play MIDI files as ringtone
do most phones support MIDI playback?

  • Anonymous

Very modern and looks kinda nice with the matching style antenna. How much would it be?

  • joey

hw much is this gonna b in the uk and wen. Its a sexy lookin phone

  • ervin

i love this phone

  • clememt ikechukwu

the best product of its kind

  • Anonymous

remove that stupid antenna

  • Anonymous

A phone for young people. Fun cause of the VGA-Cam and USB-port.

  • sanni semiu pedro

i think this a lovely one

  • Anonymous

Will come in April/May to Austria and costs 160 EURO (unlocked).

  • Anonymous

Triband, VGA-Cam, USB-Port, Mp3.... well done Motorola

  • Anonymous

Looks great! But what is the price?