Motorola V220

Motorola V220

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  • geminni

my bad, thats for modem, damnnn....

  • geminni

here is a link for usb driver:

  • Anonymous

Got this phone over the weekend and its great.Ive heard people saying the menu was complicated but i had no problems,my advice buy it!!

  • bek

does anyone know where i can download software and a driver for my motorola v220? i've been looking everywhere and cant find anything. thanks.

  • geminni

just bought it, i love it, i love it.
i just have one wish, can any1 hook me up with software for USB because its not available in my country.
thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

how is picture quality?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

like a V300

  • fiona goodwin

i will like you to order a total sum of 30 peice of motorola from your company. and i will like to pay you by credit card .i will like you to reply me very soon

  • Pricyber

i really like the size and shape of it.. but only with 2 mb of memory..

and motorola should let me delete the defual picture and stuff 2 save memory..
it would be better if it has IF or blue tooth.. but the data link cable is better than older motorola models.. u just need a 5-pin usb cable. instead of a motorola only cable.. really cool

it is rock solid.. and i mean i threw it right into the wall... the wall break and the phone is still working.

  • mae

first time I saw this phone on this website, I fell in love with it. it's very stylish and unique.I would love to own much would it cost me in dollars?

  • Anonymous

I've just got one. It's great, but guess what - no driver for the usb port! Any suggestions?

  • doctor boogie

Fantastic phone! just bought mine sim free and took sim out of old phone and put it in v220, Great looking phone, very stylish indeed! As fro the call quality: excellent! Received audio is impressive. The ring tones are absolutley brillaint and are the loudest that i've ever heard! The phone can be bought sim free from lots of uk shops. I got mine from Carphone Warehouse for £179.99. It comes complete with the box, charger, battery and instructions. Thew only letdowns in the whole package is the fact that the instructions manual is very hard to follow and the PC software and usb lead are not included! Black marks for those two Motorola!!!!!!!
Three java gsames are included including hungry fish, pot it out and a game called photo fun! The phone has a colour screen inside the clam and has a thin small screen on the outside of the clam that displays signal strength and the time. it also shows you the number of the person who's calling you! When the phone is opened out, the display on the outside displays the Motorola name and insignia. The phone has a built in camera withh a x4 zoom! Threre is also a facility for mixing your own ring tones just like a modern dee-jay! The phone has a video downloading and viewing ability. The phone is currently available on contract only in the uk on Orange and O2. However, when bought sim free, a pay as you talk sim can be used.
The phone is tri-band so it can be used almost anywhere in the world and will work in the U .S.A.
Looks.................... 10/10
Ringtones................ 10/10
Tx....................... 10/10
Rx....................... 10/10
Menu..................... 08/10
Build Quality............ 10/10
Instructions manual.......01/10
A sylish, well built phone, with useful extra's that fits nicely in the pocket or handbag. Dear Motorola please ditch the awful instructions manual!!!!!!!

  • Char

I think this phone is great. It has everything you need

  • atousa

I'm interested to V220 but is not available in Iran.What could I do?

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone, LOVE this phone, the only thing that could make it better would be IR or Bluetooth

  • fonefool

i have this phone in my hand, its pooh

  • Anonymous

only 4096?
will the color of screen like the C550?
if yes
it will bcome the worst phone

  • unknown

will it release in malaysia??
how much ??

  • frank

i want it to be delivered today