Motorola V220

Motorola V220

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  • Gayathri

this phone is pretty good, since 2 years. but now i am facing the problem of no display on phone, i lost the CD of software,which came along with the phone (which would enable me to recover my data into my PC using data cable), can any body help me in procuring the software ? i am badly in need of it.

  • Anonymous

i had the same sound problem and to make it work i hold the phone half closed

  • my name is julissa

have it for more that two years now. Very happy. No problems and everything still working perfectly - only some battery trouble. Fell a dozen of times - and still working compact is pretty this movil realy speciall for me but. I LIKE MOTOROLO.

  • Ross

I have never lived with this phone so I can't tell you if it's good or bad. My mother in law loved hers, and let's just say it hasn't been pampered by her.

If you have Motorola's phone tools software and a data cable for one of the new RAZR's (as an example) it will work great on this phone! Nice if you upgrade and want to move your pictures and phone numbers over to your new Motorola whatever.

  • - PATT;;

LOL. i bought this fone this year in 2007 and i have had it for like 8 months or less. scince then i have had 3 fones. god this fone is a shocker. its camrea is hopeless and it doesnt even have video on it. even worse YOU CANT EVEN BUY IT ANYMORE ITS SO OLD lmao. and this fone has neither bluetooth nore infrered. anywayz dont buy this fone coz if u do...well then there wasnt much point in reading my opinion was there so u just wasted ur time didnt you BURNED!! =D

  • Anonymous

how can i use the USB?

  • Rosana

I have this phone since feb 2006, and the the battery is ok! This phone is very easy from to send images to PC (USB). I love this cellphone!

  • wihelmin

I love this phone. I have used it for a year. The overal, it is a useful phone. I can transfer photo easily to the computer by the USB cable, and also I could use this phone as a model to connect me trought the internet with the gprs tools. I also can transfer mp3 and 3gp video to this phone although with a limited file size. The battery is good. I can use it in 3 days for the minimum use. My phone is pink,.. nice color for me. The problem now, I am not able to hear the sound of this phone when I call someone or receive someone's calling. Yeah I know why it could be like that. This phone has dropped for several time from the table,. But it's still strong enough for the first time. Just now, the problems come out. So I have to use either earphone or speaker to the hear the voice. I still love this phone. I have tried to open the case and repaired it by my self, but no clue. Actually it is easy to be opened.,

  • Dany

i bought this phone about 2 or 3 months ago but i cant find the camera can someone please help me?

  • delta mk

I have it for 2.5 yrs.
Not bad for basic phone, once had breakdown.

Connectivity with PC ... uhhh, I spent 3 months to find all details (software, USB drivers and the way to connect)

After 2.5 years (although kept carefully) battery's coming empty after 30hrs.

I found out that works with MOTO phones - if it's full with pics&mp3 it will block some of the features.
what you need to do - MASTER RESET.

  • Ivan

as far as i know tat this fone doesnt have and earpice..and yu have to press the speaker button on the screen for you to hear you're calling?

  • Hussain

i have a motorola V220 set. i have some problem from the last 1 year. The problem is Screen display is not working. So i have a problem ti use it.

  • Daniel Ebisan

i have this phone for the past 3 yrs now and ithink the only problem with it is that it doesnt have infared and blue toot and the flex is not too good

  • ghammazat

i had this phone for 2 months and i lost it anyway but i really liked it and i have been too sad on it till now and forever .. in short can call that phone pretty one although it hasn't a lot of features and options but it's great in falling down hehe :P

  • ask

ive had that phone for 2 yrs and its god ucan record amr files easy

  • Anonymous

This was my first motorola phone, and I was not impressed. The features were ok for the time, but not great, and the durability of the phone was below par.

Not bad, but not good.

  • rick

hmm i had this phone for 4 1/2 years and it still works....well not the camrah anymore but the amount of time it fall down i suprize it still working but i'm going to buy a new phone this week ,with alot more features..i think it;s about time.

  • Futurestar

dis wos my third phone. It was incredible at first, 'cause I was desperate for a camera phone. The features were brilliant, but after a year, I found it boring and asked for a new one that had video recording and bluetooth.

  • Nikki

Honestly this was my second phone and i HATED it.
Whenever i closed it it felt like it was about to fall apart.
Felt like a plastic toy.
The screen inside was waaayyyy to small.
Thought it would of been bigger at first.
Camera was poor.
The only thing i liked about it was that it was pretty loud when it wrang.

  • Mel

I've had mine for 3 years - no problems except not very good camera (compared with 7 meg camera!) Battery life excellent