Motorola V235

Motorola V235

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  • april

Great phone and all, but now after only having mine for a week, when I make or receive a call, I cant hear the person I am calling and they cannot hear me! I dont understand this. Not only can I not hear or be heard, but when I play back movies or recordings, I cant hear those either! Can someone please help me?? I love my phone and want to get this fixed!

  • Peter

i need drivers for connect my motorola v235 in my pc...somebody can help me?!?

  • Melody

I think this is a nice phone, this has a lot of things to do...everybody like the motorola v235 because is too beautiful and very easy to use. I'm going to buy one!

  • Peter

Very nice and simple to operate phone. I have one for several months and have no problem with network signal and similar. Recommend to everyone who want to have simplicity and a little more extra.

  • Paul

It's a pretty slick phone I think. I work for Cingular, and have a Samsung d395 PTT, which I don't like. I am a bit of a brand loyalist and think Motorola is a great brand. I'll be buying one for myself if the company doesn't buy one for me!

  • Anonymous

very bad phone it is the third phone they gave to me from the store i bought it.the first one doesn't activate at all.The second no charging,the third it is still ok..i hope!

  • grumpy vet jarhead

I have had the phone for 72 hours, and it does everything that I need it to do. Great reception. Great battery life. Nice camera pics. No flash, but still lights up subject well. Totally satisfied.

  • John3l

have a small display..:( axpensive..WooW!!!

  • jex

it's suppose to be a replacement for the faulty v220 not the v600, the v600 actually was a good handset besides the broken 850 issue.

  • Gustavo

Perfect... Another remake of the failed V600. No bluetooth?!?!?! Hmmm. Back to the drawing board. Seriously, it looks like a V600 but for Nextel service. Not good.

  • chris

nice phone, good enough 4 me, but i won't wait till Q3 of 2005 to buy it :( 2 late release

  • Anonymous

chris,its one of the best lowend phones that will be on the market,and its pretty good,and the screen also fine,there is not much diffrance between TFT to STN

I think this is a Great Low end Phone.
ahh and the guy that payes 800$ for the phone-with this mony Buy Motorola E1010/E1000
or SonyEriccson S710/Klara(k750)

  • eNaN

> Great phone... Instead there's no bluetooth and IrdA...
> PTT (Push to Talk) like a 2 way radio (walkie-talkie) and EDGE make surf into web more fast.
> Great design.
> How much it's price?

  • Axxexins Grectors

i want to send this to my Lovely wife for a and I want to buy . for my lovely wife, who is study in one of the African countries, as his gift, which is on 6th of march, and also his New Year present. As for the payment, I offer you US $800.00 and I will make arrangement of the shipping. I will pay you through Western Union Auction Payment (Bid Pay); I would really appreciate it if you can make this transaction fast and quick, as the urgent need of the item. I would want the item ready for shipment and shipped out immediately after you are been notify of the payment Confirmation/Approval. I will like you to arrange for the shipping with one of my courier service (If you don’t mind). Kindly get back to me if you are interested"."

  • chris

Hey I just wanted to know wat is the push to talk is it like the nextel thing? also wat is EDGE

  • uk

Type STN, 65K colors ?
low colour
Size 128 x 160 pixels ?
Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, video?
Should be Mega pixels now not VGA -.-


I must say, this is 1 light motorola phone hehe

  • Anonymous

This is a low end phone ...

  • Anonymous

Yay im first 2 post! Pity motorola forgot the memory slot again!