Motorola V235

Motorola V235

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  • Anonymous

First it looked like a nice phone but it broke in less than 2 months. Battery doesn't hold charge, vibrate function doesn't work anymore and sometimes won't switch on properly. Waiting for my replacement now. As phone needs software to link to computer (I have a mini-USB cable) I will lose my photos as many are not MMS-able because of their size! Bit disappointing in the end, wouldn't recommend.

  • shawn

no i just used it right out of the box didnt add anything else when your reading this your may not belive me but dont go by my word see it for yourself

  • v220 user

Yes I did research and this phone does have a 2.5mm jack thing. Shawn did you like buy something else to make the phone have that much memory? Well I use a v220 but it broke so i might get this one.

  • shawn

this phone is GREAT dont let anyone tell u different just got mines friday and it was what i wanted and more fast internet lots of pic an video and game space 9mb may not sound like alot but when u get you can take about 600 PICTURES 30 VIDEOS 10 GAMESand it has MP3 PLAYER(USB cord and data sold sepertly but only 50 dollars)voice dial,lots of features on this TOO MANY TO NAME so i would pick this phone if u want a GREAT phone 4 a GREAT price i got mine at suncom

  • dvd/kom2

i cannot move this *** phone modem faster then 115kbps / i checked every settings on OS, tested different cables, contacted my provider & e-mail Motorola co. useless! don't buy this phone or help me:(

  • Raimonds

The driver for this phone is the same as for Motorola v220.

  • Anonymous

does this phone has a 2.5mm jack for the headsets?

  • primrose

I'm thinking of buying the V235. Not had camera phone B4. How many pictures/txts can this phone store? Is it fairly simple to use? Most people here seem happy with theirs.

  • asshead

For me the best phon in the World. Now I have this one (and before - Nokia 3210, also good phon). Im from Barbados. Hello evry body.

  • flip flop fone lover

it is cute. but, is the memory low???? 9mb??

  • V235

It lights up BLUE

  • Neena

What is the Cd calle dthat you have to have?

  • Anonymous

what color does this phone light up?

  • Anonymous

it sucks that you dont have a mp3 player like the sample video says you do and that when you plug it in to your computer you haft to have some cd to download it with even if your computer is a windowsxp

  • Anonymous

What color does this phone light up?

  • Otomolleh

Great Phone!!! For a low end low level phone you cant go wrong with this. The reception is stellar compared to my Sony Ericsson Z500a which I could not get a signal at my office with.. this phone has 3-5 bars consistently and now I can recieve important calls at work. Not a Razr but it wasn't intended to be this phone as I said is good for an all around phone with some nice extras to play with.

  • Anonymous

Does this phone ringtones sound loud when its a mp3 ringer like an polyphonic becuase sometimes the mp3 ringer is real lower than a polyphonic ringer on some phones?

  • LiquidMc

I need the driver two... can anyone help out ?

  • Lolly

After looking at the V220 for several weeks i now have chosen this phone. I am only 11 and this will be my first phone. I hope it goes well. :D

  • jointu

is there mp3player in this phone?