Motorola V235

Motorola V235

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  • chiiranjeevthomas

i love this phone. The picture quality is just amazing! you have to see to believe...

  • charmiecharms

I am considering getting this phone tommorrow
Is this phone an MP3 player also.And can you
record your own ringtones from the voice recorder?

  • princecaspiansails

Where do I find free softwear for this phone.. aka motorola v235??? I'd like to transfer my pics to the computer...

  • dinac

How to conect with USB?

  • miharu

I have two questions regarding the voice recording function - are you able to use it during a phone call, and can the recording be used as a ringtone? Thanks.

  • Mashinka

I have a quick question:

Can this phone hold more than 10 texts if you have less than 600 pictures stored, or is there a set amount of memory for texts?

  • primrose

OK motorola, what is the SAR level on this phone please?

  • motolover

on this phone you can send videos to other phones and also you can play back videos and you can send videos to your email BUT first u must download the mpeg converter it's free just type mpeg converter into google , the lowest price of this phone is 40.00 at Suncom but u have to buy the phone and the plan.the retail price is 150.00(+ TAX) but it's worth it.


  • primrose

It's me again. I still want this phone, I usually research things very carefully, but I can't make out if this phone can receive videos from other phones, or if I can only record and play back videos I've done myself. Pl help !!

  • motolover

u guys/girls are awsome keep the questions coming and i will fill you in


  • motolover

600 pictures and it will hold exactly 10 texts

  • primrose

ok so I'm gonna get one of these Motorola V235. All the infor I read about them is it has 9mb memory. How man pictures/texts will that hold please?

  • Sam

Thanks motolover. I'm getting it asap!!! Looks like a gr8 phone. Better than the Pantech C300 I was looking at.

  • motolover

no it doesnt have bluetooth and it doesnt have flash it doesnt need flash real you can adjust the camera brightness to how u want it and you can adjust the image quality also

MOTOROLA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

Is the Motorola V235 Bluetooth compatible?

  • Sam

Does the Motorola V235 have a flash to go with the camera?

  • dudeman770

is the camera ant good on this phone

  • Anonymous

the lowest i got was 3 bars and that was becuase we was in the movies

  • LG 2000 user

hows the reception with this phone?

LG2000 sucks!!

  • Anonymous

u dummy you r supposed to have the usb cable and the software to add pictures that why your phones messing up