Motorola V360

Motorola V360

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  • Alexandar

THIS PHONE IS GREAT. Belive me! I had one, and unfortunately it was stollen, now i have a k750, but it can't be compaired with the V360. It has so many options...and the video player is great. It can render 3gp files too, depending the softwer.

  • george

its really goog phone..but cannot play 3gp/mp4 player because its cannot support the memory card....very bad...

  • Anonymous

i would never but this phone again. bought for my daughter she has it for month it broke threw it away. never again

  • Anonymous

This is a realy cool phone it is realy personalized

  • Anonymous

the phone keeps saying gprs not available, what should i do? please e-mail me at thanx

  • kimn

i love this had terrible reception in my area. we only have once carrier...unicell... yes i said is a two year old phone, and 3 days ago it quit getting service. i contacted my service provider and it is not them, my husband and kid have phones and they still have service. i took my phone in and sure enuf it has something to do with the phone itself. so now i am hunting for a new phone, don't have a clue as to what i want!

  • Anonymous

This is a really good phone as it was only $100 when i bought it last year and has heaps of kool features. Although some little things don't work it was really good for it's price

  • iRenaat

i have a friend who has this phone, and its very bad!! my SE Z530i bluetooth is 5X faster then his, my vgacamera has much better colours then his, his menu is the badest ive ever seen, the recorder films are very bad qaulity, tha same for the speaker...

do not buy this phone, the only good thing on this phone is the 176*220pxl screen...

  • Saskatoonian

To the person who had the question of how to turn off key answer, you have to open the phone, press the top button, (above the navigate buttons), go to settings, then In-call Setup, then answer options, and you should find what you're looking for.

  • jason

this is a not bad phone except its very fragile; the front screen broke (the screen that you see when the phone is closed). other than that its not a bad phone!

  • Anonymous

how do you turn on ptt

  • Ghost

This has been an ok phone for it's price but the web is realy slow, and it sometimes freazes. I think the screen is good for price as well as memory card feature. I've had this phone for 1 year and its decent if you thats you max spending amount

  • gala@3

does anyone knows how to turn PTT(push to talk) off? because there is no PTT settings in my motorola v360. HELP PLEASE.

  • Sp1k3

You can say what you want about MOTOROLA's quality, but my friend phone fell in the toilet. The screen was a bit wet, but the next day, the phone was working as brand new.

  • Anonymous

This phone is so sweet tell the creators that they did a good job i have had it for a while and it has made my life sweeter

  • ladyjam

what is the "safe" application in Games/Apps.
can't use the browser says - GPRS network not available, been a month already. what should i do. were do i get headphone and a mem card in SA.

  • Anonymous

How do you lock the phone when you're not using it?

  • @lex

I have this phone for a few weeks & I can say I am not at all dissapointed. It work very good, the sound is good, even with the handsfree, the display is very bright & clear, and the camera takes better pictures then other phones with 640*480 resolution. Also good battery life last six days if you don't talk too much).
And YES, you CAN transfer mp3's from PC (ONLY if you have a mem card) using a standard usb cable, though it is better to use the original one (better transfer). Simply plug it in and the PC will see the card as a hard disk.
The only things wrong that I could find with this phone is that missed calls are not separated from received calls in the call log and the sluggish typing method in SMS.
Conclusion: Best value for it's price !!!

  • nathaniel

cannot load mxit on my phone thats a real problem

  • Rok_star_newmilleniu

When I bought the phone it came with Memory card and adapter and usb cord but I can't seem to get my music from my computer to the phone. Do I need the software disc to do it? Anyone who knows and could tell me how to do it I would really appreciate it considering it is driving me crazy trying to figure it out. lol. Thanks