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  • Caseybea

My bad-- ignore part of my previous post regarding phonebook entries.

The procedure I outlined works fine-- UNTIL you turn the phone off, at which point it defaults back to showing "All Contacts".


  • Caseybea

OK, I've had my V360 for a full day and have played with it a lot.

Overall, I'm quite impressed, especially for a phone that only cost me $45 with a 1-year T-Mobile plan. It seems well built, and certainly full featured. I have no issues yet with reception or quality, except for deep inside my office building. A limitation of GSM versus my older CDMA phone. Oh well. I can live with it, since I primarily need my phone for when I'm in my car.

I agree that the manual is abysmal- it barely scratches the surface, leaving the user to fend for him/herself to find how to actually do things. However, if you're not a 12:00 flasher (your VCR at home is flashing 12..12..12..), you should be able to figure it out.

The navigation to the items is different for me, I've only ever used Nokia and Samsung phones thus far. Takes getting used to, but that's fine. The V360 menus/buttons are VERY customizeable- which I like.

A few technical hints in case you have one of these and are trying to figure it out:

For MP3 ringtones, all you need to do is copy a short MP3 file from your computer to the music/sounds folder on your phone when it's connected (via USB). Then, in the phone sounds menu, switch to the TRANS (transflash) device-- and then COPY the mp3 file to the PHONE. Once you've done that, you can set it as a ringtone. Thinks of it this way: The USB connection allows you to copy stuff to/from the transflash card, and NOT the phone. Copying stuff between the phone and transflash card is an extra step, but worthwhile: no software is required. Alternately, if your PC has an SD reader, you can copy the file(s) to the transflash card that way too.

Second- I found it quite annoying that the phonebook list defaults to displaying the lists from the phone AND from the SIM card. This ends up showing dual entries for everything, but you DO want the entries copied to sim, just in case your phone gets toasted somehow.. To do this the right way, you have to have some understanding of the limitations and behavior. For entries stored in the SIM card, you are limited to just the name and number. You will NOT get the ability to store the phone number TYPE (mobile, home, etc) or all the other information. Just name and number. The phone book entries in the PHONE however have all features- tons of extra things - including "categories". Aha! So, this is what you want to do if you want a full featured phone book, AND want to keep a "backup copy" on your SIM card, AND don't want to see every phone book entries displayed "twice":

First, delete any phonebook entries on your SIM card.

Second, enter/edit/modify all the phonebook settings, making sure to store them to the PHONE. Do whatever you want as far as making it fancy, extra information, phone entry type, etc. Here is the important thing: make sure to change the "category" of every entry to something OTHER than "general". For example, use "personal". But be consistent. Use the same category for ALL entries.

When you are completely done, COPY all of your entries to the SIM card. This can be done in one step in the phonebook menu.

What you have now are two things: First, the full-featured phone entries in the phone, and then a "limited" set of phone entries in the SIM card. The phone entries show up with an icon- the sim entries do not. Note: The SIM card, even though it does not "store" categories, classifies each SIM phonebook entry as "general". That is, the moto phone classifies SIM entries that way.

Finally, in the phone book setup, choose category "personal" to view. This will have the side effect of only showing the entries that are in the phone, and not in the sim card. Voila!

A bit of extra work, but worth it.

NOTE: Because each entry in the SIM card is "simple" (name, phone only) - you will LOSE the "classification" (type) of entry if you move the sim card to another phone. For example, you will not see which of Fred Murphy's phone numbers is is CELL or HOME number. This is a limitation of what can be stored on the sim card-- BUT- at least you have a backup of your phone book in case the phone gets trashed. Move the sim card to another phone, all you have to do is copy the entries to the phone and "clean them up" a little bit.

I will add to this review later once I use the phone more...

  • kales

i just love this is the best.even though i dont have 1.i work in telecom.and xperimented it's really great.gatta get me 1.soooooooooon

  • Jakes

i want to know if the v360 sound quality is as loud and good as the e398 is.

And how do you change the software of the v360

  • Anonymous

Its a Great phone

  • alex

the most ...i repeat. ...the most cheapest phone i ever seen 4 these options .....what else do you neeed??? mp3 player ,bloototh,usb cable ...well it doesn't have 3g or a v high quality camera ....just 640 x480 ....but it can do the put a better camera ,wel it would be very expensive..i must buy the phone ....just i only know girls that have this phone ...i think it would have been the greatest phone if they would have added radio ...i know a guy that spended a lott of money on a f up phone:)) just beucase it had radio.... Salutti;)

  • JL

Di, for the bluetooth password use 0000
that will let you access it.

  • dot.

Hi, I'd like to ask if you can play and listen to mp3s on this phone even without a headset or not? I'd really appreciate it if anyone would answer my question.

  • William

It is a good phone. A cheap price & a good fuction. Also has a buletooth is very very good too .

  • James

It is very easy to download mp3 songs. Just make sure that the file you are transferring from the computer is an mpr file (example: nice.mp3) If it is just an ordinary audio, it wont play in the cellphone.... Thanks... Motorola V360 is very cool...

  • Anonymous

Sorry, previous comment was in response to terrence. I checked the wrong name.

  • Anonymous

Reply to Reda a:

The phone cannot access normal html sites. Only xhtml. Possibly why it won't access

The sd card is rather easy to remove. Just slip the back plate of and at the top of the phone push the card down to have it pop up and simply remove.

What is the extension of the file you want to download? You can only download a limited number of different file types to your phone. Mobiles are very restrictive.

  • GAN

No Radio, MP3 very good, SD Slot(TF)- Excellent, No WAN wireless, Overall Good, Less options in software (Limited Functions), need fully avilable software then it will be simply superb.
Overall Satisfied with (COST v/s PRODUCT)

  • reda a

hi, i just got this fone from NY 3 weeks ago and it seems to be just the tool for your busy life.
i downloaded mp3's to it using drag and drop; its really a bargain for its great functions. hey guys can anyone tell me how can i send pictures to an email address, and how to setup an account settings on the email msg menu.

  • Terrence

Hi everyone,
I have this v360 fone and have some questions to ask about it.
1. I am using SA networks (Vodacom and MTN) and I cannot access some sites like and can someone please tell whether I need a software or not to access some sites?

2. I have been on the site and when I tried to download the software for trimming, the fone said "FILE TYPE NOT RECOGNISED", can u plz assist on how can i download this software or what must i do to get it,can it be sent via bluetooth to another fone?

3. How do you remove the memory card from where it has been inserted? What is the MicroSD adaptor that comes with the fone kit used for?

can u plz guys help coz I need this info...

  • Anonymous

please email me back; i just got this phone and i want to know how to download songs onto it tell me exalty how you did it i cant figure it out. it is a good phone i really like it

  • Anonymous

i want to know if it have's radio?i'm interestd in buyng one pls email me

  • Alin

Hy.I have some problems with this phone.i have it about 2weeks.i've noticed that instead of my mp3 in card memory,it's a "?" when i press play on that sign "?" it goes back to the multimedia menu.i've tried to delete those sayz me that:task not allowed.File in Use.i've tried to move the file but no succes.what should i do?i don't know how to delete those files.please can anyone help me?plz

  • Macdonald

Hi guys, I bought it two weeks ago and the phone is off the hook. I can imagine me switching to other phone soon. Although it does not have 3G but it's futures are amazing. Macdonald from south africa looking for friends in Europe, my email: and cellphone no:+27766877555 or fixed line:+27113507673 work and home:+27118623588, please contact me!

  • anonymous

i might get this phone soon but im not sure if its a guy or girl phone. and are the covers interchangeable?