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  • Chet

Had this phone since start of january, and its been great except for a few mishaps, like the contact bug etc. But a new one that i have found is after i write a message and go into the contacts list to select who i want to send it to, i type in the first 3 letters of their name really quickly and the phone just restarts, and i loose my big message, which is the only thing that really annoys me about this phone. The other thing is I use T9, and i constantly add new words in abc(the other mode from T9), but it only seems to remember these new words for say a few days or something. Any Ideas?
Plus, i used my phone as a harddrive to put a few java games on it and came across a file called @samsung.ess i just found that a bit wierd seing as though a rival phone company appears in the hidden files of a motorolla phone.


  • Ken

If you want radio & don mind the cost of memory sticks, get W8.
If you want 3G & Quad, get V3x.

  • Ariel

I would like to know if V3X works en America. This model has GSM 850 ????

  • toni

my motorola v3x i loosing dailled and received calls what can i do.

  • dave

how long can i listen to the mp3 player with the battery? Do you reconmend me to use this phone as an mp3 player?

  • kirk

comon! ship to singapore.. Please, MOTO!

  • DrChrisDangerous

hey, has anyone found/can verify a long life version of this battery that works and is from someone who isn't scamming, or from hong kong and charging 12 delivery?(no offence, just id rather not spend 12 delivery)

cheers. carphonewarehouse scammign me on what date i get this phone.ordered it 3 weeks ago.

  • vaestanfors

Battery life is solely determined by the carriers software and signal strength...finish a phones contract and you'll see the battery does last 10 days. I know this from one of my many phones that have expired contracts.

  • vaestanfors

I own 2 a1000's, an A835 and a nokia cdma phone. The A1000 had a few software troubles so i deleted the programme that gave the fault and reception is no good compared to the A835 which is one of the original 3G phones. Camera quality is very good on motorola. However here in australia we have a 3G phone network combined with 2G and sometimes the phone doesnt know which one to use as both signals overlap. Until Telstra Optus etc knock down the old 2G repeater stations things such as reception and battery life will always be an issue for 3G phones.
The build quality of both types of motorola I have is excellent but havent yet owned a flip flop like the V3x which has been offered to me as an upgrade to move from orange to 3.

  • moodi

hey ppl
I've got to say that i was really dispointed with the moto v3 but now i'm really impressed with the v3x. wen the v3 came out i thought brilliant phone but it lacked alot of features but now i have the same design with all the features i could ever want. THNK U MOTO.


this mobile phone is really very very very good.ı didnt like razr v3.but this is perfect.there is 3g,memory card.ı can upload radio and music,and listen.ists perfect..

thanks moto.

when will you send to turkey this mobile phone.
have a nice day.

  • Anonymous

Smart phone but can anyone tell me how to bluetoth my photos to another phone or can this not be done.if the latter is true then the samsung d600 has to be the better option if buying a phone.

  • John

No problem with contacts - just need to know which button to press.
Have downloaded so many photos and videos I have just bought a 512 Mb memory card to store them all.
Battery life is short so spent 2.99 on an in car charger.
Lovely phone.

  • ken

very impressive phone! unfortunately the battery does'nt last for 250h or 10 days as stated in the specification, even if you dont use the phone the battery drains quickly... mine only lasts 3 to 4 days.....

  • maroje.croatia

great phone

  • atn

Here's some answers to questions asked in the forum. Been using the V3x over the last few weeks.
The V3x definitely does have built-in handsfree, so rest assured about this.
V3x does not have a world clock.
There is definitely a bug in the contact function. I too have this frustrating problem with certain contact entry crashing on me every time. It could be because certain types of entry/formats are not readable by the V3x (eg. certain address format). Only way I found was to delete the entry and make a new entry, filling in the details one by one. For example, if you have a person you want to put into contact and want to put in their home number, mobile, email, address, etc. Enter one and save and reopen to see if crash, if not enter the next and so on until the crash occur, then you know you can't put in this detail. Blame Motorola for not fixing all the software bugs before release.

  • Miguel

I'm writing from portugal and have this phone for 4 days. Well, it's a great phone with an excellent screen good camera pictures look nice and video call works fine. I'm surprised with the powerfull sound when listening to mp3 and the BT works with no problem. But there's a big problem... the batery is very poor only last for 12-14 hours of moderate use and the phone crashed 2 times when editing a contact. But if the batery issue is not important for you this is a must have phone!

  • arnaud

I received my V3X one month ago, and it is an incredible phone but I have a bug in the contacts. For some contacts, when I try to call them, it comes back to the main menu whithout any call and it's impossible to edit the contact. And the day after, it will work normally. Please help me. Thanks

  • Valentin

It is strange that this phone does not have built in hands free... For this price it should. Or it may be an omission from the administrators of this site? Hmmm!!!!
Is it too much to ask from MOTOROLA? All RAZRs have it.... I need that feature and they (MOTOROLA) let me down.

  • Anonymous

Not as goodas the A1000.Wheres the a1010?.