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  • Krys

I'm quite disappointed with the size of this phone. Fair enough it's 3G but it really looks and feels fat in my hand. Motorola should have also given it a larger front screen. I find it too small. It reminds me of squinting at a small icon in Windows.

  • jason

I have a V3x for just over 1 month on the 3 network in Australia. I am currently on my third phone (replaced twice) due to some serious software faults and the phone constantly crashing. The battery life is also pretty average compared to a 2G phone - expect about 3 days stand-by, less if you use it more. Also the battery door is very flmsy and feels like it will come off. I called Motorola today to report the problems and they really didn't care, told me to go see a service centre and see what they have to say - not good enough Motorola!

  • Gary

James, my carrier is T-Mobile. I have adjusted all the settings for text and voicemail messages and still this happens. Do you or anyone have any suggestions, I mean it's not the end of the world or anything just annoying. Thanks .

  • ben

Got this phone last week. It works great and has one of the best camera's i've seen on a cell phone. Only complaint is that the screen is sometimes hard to read outside

  • James

to Gary,

The wierd symbols you saw occur because the text message sent by the carrier to indicate a new voice mail or clear the voice mail icon is not recognized by the phone.

Who is your carrier? I have the same problem using the '3' version on the Cingular network

  • Anonymous

can this phone put video in full screen mode and can you adjust backlight intensity and length it stays on??

  • jeff

Do you think this Motorola V3x is better than Nokia N70? What about Samsung Z510? I aslo like LG P7200 but it's not UMTS. I've heard Nokia has a lot of problems with software and is slow. I really like the RAZR design. Someone said there will be a much thinner version be the end of 2006.

  • boboy

yes u can send file from v3x to others, using "move" and "copy" instead of "Send"

  • PappaG


I too have the same issues with the v3x. I have also found that you can receive files via bluetooth, however I cant send them out. The back cover is weak and so are the side buttons. I might trade this for the v3i. It seems more a better put together phone.

  • Kris

I have just contacted O2 and have been told that it'll be available sometime in February

  • Gary

I received my unlocked '3' black version today and I do like it better than the Vodafone version(gray). Believe it or not the '3' version has better reception than the Vodafone and feels better with the rubbery feel. The battery has been great so far and the only complaint I have is on both phones when you receive a voicemail the phone sends you a test message with symbols and no voicemail icon then when you call your voicemail the phone again sends you a text message with similar symbols. Does anyone know how to stop this ?. I love the phone is it looks sharp.

  • atn

Bought my V3x yesterday. Does anyone else have problem with the back plastic cover (over the battery and cards) been very creaky and making a racket every time you press buttons on the keypad on the other side. The fit of the back panel is reasonable but the side moves up and down, so making the noise. Also the EL backlight of the keypad emits a rather loud hum when it's on; much louder than the EL backlight of the original v3.

  • terry

I've got both V3i and V3x. Qiute dissapointed
that V3x is plastic and being a V3 fan I expected that metal feel. Sound quality I prefer V3i it's more crisp, the first day when I got my V3x it ocassionally crashes on me each when I access to the digital player and could not get out of it until I remove the battery and slip it back on then it's OK. The battery sucks, I charged it overnite and when I open it up the next morning it went flat!!! Honest opinion the only plus thing about V3x is the picture quality but other than that I still prefer V3i

  • Dockmaster

Please permanently post this message about BT to the top of this forum, as it appears every other page.

Make the other device discoverable.
Highlight the media content that you want to transfer before selecting Options in each example below.

Can someone please tell me if this is not in the user manual? Also, if you have this issue please identify the network provider.

Use the following menu picks:

To copy Pics to another BT device:
Multimedia->Pictures->Options->Manage->Copy->Look for Devices

To copy Ringtones to another BT devices:
Multimedia->Sounds->Options->Manage->Copy->Look for Devices

To copy Address Book contents:
Phonebook->Options->Send Contact->Bluetooth->Look for Devices

To connect to an audio device (ie, stereo headset):
Settings->Connection->Bluetooth Link->Audio Devices->Look for Devices

To become discoverable:
Settings->Connection->Bluetooth Link->Find Me

  • Anonymous

I got a USB cable with mine along with earpnones, cd, charger. I heard a few ppl havnt had usb with their fone...

  • Datar

This is a message to Roi and anyone else with a fascination with sharp phones... STOP!!! i got the sharp 903sh after a three year love affair with the sharp brand (GX15 GX20 GX30 AND 902) But the 903 is awful you can't hear the ringing even when set to loud i actually missed calls when the phone was in my trousers pocket, you can't set the ringtones in mp3 aac or wma believe me i tried, the 3G reception is terrible and battery lasts about two days tops. So after four days of persevering i called vodafone and told them i wasn't happy could they reccomend something else they said the V3X it arrived a few days later and now i'm a happy bunny.

  • Jo

Got mine last friday and the phone looks and sounds great. The only problem I found with mine is that the blue tooth would not pair with another blue tooth set. It would recieve but it cant send out. That is either a software problem or disabled by Motorola.

  • Bertus

Changing themes on 3G phones is a nightmare. The operator (Vodaphone / orange / 3) put their own software on the phones with all the settings already installed so that you can just go ahead and use all the 3g services. The drawback is that your whole phone is branded and you can't change the themes. I'm getting a Samsung Z500 and the themes you get only changes the 1st screen (showing the time etc), the logon and log-off screens. The menu's and icons are all Vodafone's!

  • boboy

what about the bluetooth? can we transfer several files at once like sonyericsson?
waht about the camera? can we mute shutter sound?

  • Girl

The V3X has very good functions n much more storage.. the camera is 2.0 mega pix too.. not bad!! But i regret buying it coz it does not suit me, comparing to the V3 i was using b4.. the V3X is a bit too big n bulky for a girl!!