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  • Rumbaar

I purchases this phone on the '3' network in Australia and found it had issue straight away. With service issue and software issue.

It was then made clear to me that the phone in it's current software isn't fully compatible with the network. They are supposably waiting for a patch from Motoral.

I would reconmend you do-not get this phone until it's been fully tested and functional on the '3' network.


  • Anonymous

Excellent phone but really want to be able to change software skin design. Got mine on '3' and unlike the Sony Ericcson phones changing skins is not so easy to do. Anyone with some know-how?

  • ayu

i have this already. it a good phone.

  • suresh

Does this phone have fm radio?
What is the difference between the v3x and the v3i?

  • PappaG

Finally got the V3x unlocked and on T Mobile USA. I have had no issues with bluetooth what so ever. Sent files from my Sony W900i to v3x without any problems. The back cover seems kinda shaky along with the side buttons. But still a great phone.

  • Anonymous

Very diappionted with the software on here- no different from v525!


TO RAY : hallo , has been my mistake.
i'm waiting for V3X not V3.
i hope will arrive asap.

  • Anonymous

to the person that said it needs charging for 15hours... why? I charged my v3x for around 3 and it was fully charged and had stopped charging- the light that flashes while it's charging had stopped too.. so why leave it on for another 12 hours when it's not doing anything?

and just for the record, my battery life has been quite good!

also, to the person who said something about the phone turning itself off, and not being about to edit a contact, my phone did this to, and i took it back to 3 (im in australia btw) and they said that the phone has had problems and they replaced the handest for me.. my new one has be excellent!

i recommend this phone, although watch out for a dodgy handset! and make sure you get a store warranty so they can replace it for you, instead of sending it to motorola...

  • stu

Just got mine yesterday and need to point something out....Shop assistant said 6 hrs for first charge; this is rubbish - it nds to be at least 15 hrs minimum and possibly explains why so many ppl are havin probs with battery life for this fone.

Would like to add how nice and big the keypad is- i dont kno what the fascination is with small phones, they are sooo annoying for us big handed ppl!

  • Ray

For SONIA your quote seems a bit confused, you say your getting a Motorola V3X but your picture in the link you put in points to the Motorola V3 which is not the same phone.

Anyways, i just bought one and am waiting for it to arrive, will post again when it comes.



hallo .
i'm waiting my v3x from vodafone since 10 dicember, for sky promotion, and no news until today???
has nay one received it ????
please let m eknow.

  • adriarne

im in australia and thinking about buying this phone on 3, just wondering if it will be introduced in any other colours other than black?

  • puddleduck

dave dauscha..
what country you in? you can get this phone in black on the 3 network.. and it is going to be blue on Orange.....


are a lot of the problems with this phone down to people not reading the manual properly or network provider?

  • someone

does it have radio?

  • Paolo

i've had so many problems and got a software update for it, but seemed to only fix some of the problems.
-at times i can't access the dialled and received calls
-i couldn't call any contacts for whom i added a photo
-it just turns off by itself randomly
-i can't change the smart key and right soft key although the manual says i can

and the list goes on..

this is a very inconsistent phone across the board.. don't risk being frustrated by all these problems and maybe even more.. oh how i long for my nokia 5110.. things were so much simpler!

  • Dave Dauscha

Got two of these one for my wife one for me. Came across an array of problems:
1. Couldnt use bluetooth to pair both phones at first, then upon trying to transfir infomation it failed every time.
2. Unable to use voice dial, phone will not recognise commands.
3. After adding a contact the phone wouldnt let me back in to edit that contact, after switching it off then on again I was able to edit but lost the data already stored.
4. Upon receiving the phone and trying 3G this was the only way of knowing if it would work in my area (Of course it didnt).
5. Following the user guide supplied with the phone doesnt tally up with some of the phone functions, I even went on-line for additional information this didnt help.
6. The phone only comes in one color (Silver) so dont pay any attention to the adds displayed, unless in America.
7. The phone does not come with a USB cable or bluetooth headset.
I have been informed by my supplier that due to not being in a 3G area this was the reason for all the probles I have endured!!

  • Roi

Ijust wan't to ask if this phone can't really send files via bluetooth and does anyone has an idea if this is available in the Philippines of how much will it cost, anyone please reply thank you!

  • Si

Can someone PLEASE help me? I am stuck between buying this phone and the Sharp903.....the spces are very similar except the sharp has a bigger camera but the phone itself is almost 10mm thicker, although the V£x is a bit wider.....any advice from users?

  • puddleduck

can anyone tell me how long can you video for with this phone?
is it till the memory is full or just short clips?

Upgrading from a D500 but i am stuck betwwen this and the D600.

  • fery hoenady

does this phone have bluetooth stereo ? and can thih phone peering with motorola ht820. i want really know about it. thx