Motorola V3x

Motorola V3x

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  • Ksl

THE ONLY Moto phone I have respect for.
The rest of them SUCKS.

PS: I dont know if they have improved the software performance though.Does it work smooth guys?

  • JC

Does this phone have Bluetooth??? It seems ridicoulous for it not to have.

  • big boy

just got the phone!!its probs the best phone motorola have ever done!!the mp3 player is great and the camera is one of the best ive seen!!buy now!!

  • Zeeshan Qamar

My mum just got this phone 1 month ago and first i thought it would be good.So,i got it as a Christmas present for her but now im getting really bored of it.Overall it is a very good fone and has very good functions.

  • Bernard

Excellent phone!
I've had a Sony Erixcsson k 750i before; so i can compare.
Ericsson: better batteries, that's all
motorola: pictures better than ericsson, sound quality excellent etc

  • aadil

i got this ohone 3 weeks back, its excellent apart from the fact that you cant send any files via bluetooth, it does not have any options to pair with someone. This is the only problem im having with this phone

  • James

Have just received V3x - Am very pleased - is a little larger than V3 but has all the features that I longed for on the previous version.

  • joe

this phone is suck, bad reception, bad voice call, 2mp camera??? look like vga, chuncky , heavy doesn't have the feel of v3 at all, plasticky , what with motorola??????!!!!!!! nothing compare to w900i , motorola u still have a long way to go

  • moto man

getting the moto v3x next week out off stock at the min .. what is your honest opinion . only true owners reply..

  • melissa

I want to buy a new mobile phone.I like V3X but ı am not sure to buy it.please write me about it

  • IK2SAI

I got the V3x since 1 month.
My previous phone was the Panasonic 700/701
I am very impressed with the gear.
Just for your information...
I'm in Milan city with an excellent 3G signal.
Starting with a battery full charged i was able to do a 3 hours no stop phone (than i have had to recharge)
In stand by (say 12-14 hours per day) and 2 or 3 short (2/4 minutes long) the phone remained in stand by for 3 days.
What i saw discharge "very" quick the phone in the video call, playing music, running in the internet, watching the TV.
Even if you have the display light on for longer than the obvious... well it discharge quick the battery.(From 100% to 0 i think that the time left is in the 75-90 minutes range)

  • BB

i wonder if it is compateble with a bleutooth STEREOheadset. it has BT 1.2, but will it support it?

  • John

Had this phone a couple of weeks. Love it, as does everyone else who has seen it. Not a hint of a problem - don't know what the fuss is!

  • Emily

I've had it for 4 days and a list of problems as long as my arm. Problems accessing; the phonebook, recent call lists, sms, mms. I'm taking it back on Monday to get a replacement or change phones. Maybe I just got a dud?

  • tery

its the perfect phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......

  • CrystalWoman

Phone has a good solid feel, and looks sleek. Takes great 2MP photos. Phone audio is clear. MP3 Audio quality with stereo headset is equal to an IPOD, and you get a camera and phone as well. Though IPODs have a big harddrive, a 512MB Transflash card allows you to hear most of the songs you want and store more photos.

  • leslie chee

hi i wanna buy one of this motorola v3x but i heard there is a lot of problems with the battery is that true?And i heard if you have to much pictures and mp3s in it,then it will crash is that true ?e-mail me please because i need to know before please e-mail me...

  • Dino

I will have it???
I am crazy after the new razr??
Whats the price in South Europe?
I have Siemens SX1,its not a bad mobile phone but id like to have a razr?Should I change it?
Is it true that the batery is a crap?

  • cliff

When my v3x arrived, no where in any instructions did it say how long to charge for, i charged it for 8 hours and the battery is crap, it won't even last 15 hours on standby.

  • scott

I have now had this phone for about 4 weeks now and if you charge the battery the way you are told to.You will not have a prob a lot of people look to have a prob with doing 3 full charge and discharge from new love the phone and the easy to use software i give it 9 out of 10 as one of the best 3mobiles on the market at this time ...