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  • Anij

Hi, I've had the V3x for about two weeks now, my second UMTS phone after I had a Sony Ericsson V800 for about 4 weeks when the screen suddenly developed a pixel fault.

Battery life of the V3x: Please always remember it is a UMTS or 3G phone, if you use the phone heavily (calling and playing for more than 3-4 hours) you will have to recharge it every day, if you just leave it on standby, it will easily last 3 to 4 days if not longer; I just haven't had it sit around long enough. Bluetooth seems absolute ly fine, I can easily connect it to my Ipaq PDA. I haven't got Motorola's phone tools yet, but loading photos and mp3s on my phone through the SD/Transflash Card (with a card reader) was absolutely easy.
I love the phone, but I've had Moto before and I'm not a fan of Nokia. The address book has been drastically improved with spaces for multiple numbers, email, URL, business and home address, nickname, birthday, notes, ringer id, and looks like it's syncable with Outlook. What I find disgusting, is that the phone comes without a USB cable nor a driver so that you have to buy the mobile phone tools. A phone at such a high end market esp with UMTS MUST have it included in the box. Shame on you, Moto!

The camera is brilliant as long as you don't use the digital zoom, which is just hardly worth it as the noise (or whatever you call it) is too obvious even on the mobile's screen. But even in darkness outside the photos were really impressive. Still in my eyes not a substitution for any real digital camera, more as a quick solution if you haven't got one around.
The sound quality when making a call is okay, but I've got a feeling that it was better on the v525, it seems more metallic on the v3x. I wonder if that is a UMTS thing? My boyfriend's got the Nokia 6680 which is certainly not better in sound quality.
MP3s sound really good through the headphones and even quite impressive on the phone's loudspeakers though then not detailed enough. The loudspeakers are really loud much better than on the GSM v525. You can still listen to the music when phone is closed, and regulate the volume with the outside buttons but to control the media player you will have to open it again, which is a real shame. There should be enough buttons available on the side to arrange proper mp3 player control without having to open it.
But hey, don't forget, this is still a phone! Not a digital camera nor a proper mp3 player with loads of storage (64MB in total)! But a phone with which you can view your favourite photos, listen to your favourite song or two or three, browse the mobile internet with, make video calls with, play your games (when you buy them), have a full address book and calendar with you, etc. And it looks good! What more do you want? By the way, I don't mind the size at all, it still looks more stylish than most UMTS phones, just compare it with the N90, which is so much bigger! I just love it!

  • ekki

dei the moto v3x has a probl. with the bluettoth or with the battery ? cause i m gonna buy this fone soon and i need to know.. what about the camera it;s really 2 megapixel?

  • lezzer

finally got mine .it's fantastic.doz everything it says it can do on the box..
thats a "first".looks the "DOGS BOLLOCKS"
briil deal with the link aswell

  • saurabh chaturvedi

well,i am using this mobile just a week back its picture clearty is really wonderful

  • pink daisy

i love this phone to pieces...

  • ChrisDanger

this phone looks ace, should be getting it in a week or so. just wondering how i can turn the 3G off to save battery?could really do with this phone lasting through the day till late evening.

please reply via email:


  • JH

Yes it will released with SIM FREE

  • aliazharkhan

first time i have perchase this costely vx ,i have never seeing before this slim flip set there are no showing the missed call this is bad but graphis is good not easy to operate specially key pad is fine and his name moto razar vx is exteraordinary in it is smart and genious set

  • cheif

brilliant anyone that has bought a moto and read the manual it needs to fully charged for 12hrs first off dishcharge totally then full 12 hr charge this will reduce battery rundown any mobile user should read the manual you would make life of store workers easier if you listen to the advice given. or better still read the manual for the phone!

  • George

V3x looks good, but then lets you down badly. Battery life is joke, it only lasts a day. To improve the battery life remove all mp3's. Loose one function to improve another, whats the point, had this phone 2 weeks and i cant wait to return it. Only buy this phone if you never leave the house.

  • mister No

had it for two weaks and not happy at all,battery flats easly,software very stupid,no message reports-gona change for nokia 6280

  • GUNG

a question to .. all owners off this phone whats the battery life . and when sending files or video thru the bluetooth is it as slow as the v3 .. whats your score out off 10...

  • Stew Foreman

Had this v3x for 1 wk now, pretty good all round but 1 problem, Voda don't supply the disc for fone tools etc. Where can I get 1? Also found the fone to be much better now i'v had it flashed, no more crappy Voda-live menu, back to reality with the generic Moto menu.

  • Aparadectos

Does anyone knows if this phone supports file transfer via bluetooth or infrared?

  • Anonymous

far far tooo big sent mine back to voda and got the slvr wot a difference

  • Kristian

I will buy one for 320€. If it's legal then there's no problem with the price.

  • Paul Bangerte

Hi Folks, Does anybody know if/where i can download any other themes/skins for the Motorola V3x ? I know its a fairly new phone but surely there are some better skins out there. Cheers !

  • Xavier

Magnificent hardware design. Elegant, solid, great to handle open and close. BUT Software is not smart at all. No effort made here. You need to press many times just to delete a sms. ALSO. Very short battery life. Dries in no time. I need it to make phone calls so it's going back to the shop :-((

  • King Kong

Cool Phone. SonyEricsson based os... could be better... Motorola just learnt how to build decent phones...

  • vianju

Hi!Does someone know the webpage I am asking this because I ve seen there the motorola V3x unlocked for 359$ (307€).I think it's very cheap (if you compare with the prices here in Spain) and I would like to know if someone knows if it's secure to buy it! thanks a lot