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Motorola V3x

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  • TO Hot1 Kul2

To the comment on size of screen by Hot1 Kul2
Well... As you can see on the specs the aspect ratio is changed from
220:176 = 5:4 = 20:16 to pc-standard
320:240 = 4:3 = 20:15
So for same height this will give a decrease in width by 1/16 or 6.25%...

Speculation: This leaves a very very very thin hope that the released phone could end up a little less wide than the V3

  • Akhil

To - Lill-Dave91
Hey ! yeah i completly agree with you on those terms. I guess its the usual buy something and while you are enjoyin it you walk past something else.
What i have right now is pretty ancient. Nokia 3530. So im kinda stuck onto Nokia's. Any idea on release dates in indonesia for this one?

  • george

i like to now how much it coast this phone ?

  • Anonymous

i have a v3. the voice quality is too low. it's so hard to hear when i'm out side. i hope this one is not. doesn't anyone know the dimensions of this. is it the same as the v3?

  • Carl

Anyone know the actual release date for this sexy fone for USA ??

  • Anonymous

Motorola phones are known to have the best reception and voice quality among all phones and that has been the Motorola USP. Don't try to spread baseless allegations as users know the facts....

  • Anonymous

Will this phone come out fo verizona and are there any release dates yet?

  • To Arun

I've got a V3, do not agree on poor reception.

  • Arun

MOtorola phones has very bad reception, be aware of going for motorola, i had 2 phones of motorola both were very bad in reception, for the same signal, by collegue who is using Nokia gets a superb reception...

Better go for N 7270, also keep in mind there are other good flip phones form other models.

  • Randy

The greatest lookin' phone as yet released by any company. Although the internal memory is 5mb one can calmn oneself knowing that the memory is expandable by 516mb. Hope they keep the colour, since I'm tired of all the silver. Just wanna know if anyone has an idea of what the phone ┬┤ll cost.

  • Anonymous

still 5MB memory...hmmm

  • Mikey

my phone until i die! how much is it? is this another cingular exclusive? when s the phone coming out..i luv the color...wish they increase the size of the screen. im gonna get this phone by hook or by all cost!!!!!!!!!
Stay blessed everyone!!!!

  • Anonymous

im not convinced about the styling yet, the charm from the v3 is missing, cam is very good! hope its as thin as razr v3

  • lil_dave91

To Akhil - i suggest that you wait for the motorola v1150 comes out. although its not out yet, be patient. it is a much better phone then the nokia 7270.the v1150 has got a 256K colour screen whilst the 7270 has only got 65K screen. On the 7270, it has a VGA camera, which means that the camera has less than a megapixel. On the v1150, it has a 2 megapixel camera, which is excellent for a mobile phone. The 7270 looks arent as nice as the v1150, which i really like. The v1150 also has bluetooth, which the 7270 does not have. so i extremly recommend to wait for the v1150 instead of purchasing the 7270. what phone do u have at the moment?

  • Akhil

Thanks Mate!! I suppose two hrs shud be ample. May i ask if you have already used the phone? Or is this inside info?

Im actually tossing b/w the Nokia 7270 and this one.. what do you think?

  • Anonymous

Dont worry this can record up to 2 hours non\stop video

  • Akhil

Any ideas how long the video capture is on this thing? In the nokia's etc it is restircted to 10 secs for one clip. And without the antennae does it hamper comm.

  • Hot1 Kul2

no speakerfone feat.?!?
& y is it internal display screen is smaller than the V3?

  • Anonymous


  • Mo

Nice comment! My uncle used to work for nokia, and its the same technique they used with the 3310 and 3410. the only real difference was the WAP feature. They wont throw everything at one go, theres no fun that way! dont get me wrong the fone does look stunning! when is it due out? anyone know?