Motorola V3x

Motorola V3x

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  • Cain

Come on people, don`t dramatise. Some specs are not yet sure. This phone is only ANNOUNCED. Wait untill it hits the stores, and all tech details are certain, to criticize. Eventually it could be 64K outer sc. different cam. another casing... For now, as a concept, it is OK.

  • Mo

Moto probably didnt do the external screen 65k yet, they will probably bring out another fone with 65k! its a marketing trick that has been used many years!

  • Mo

Looks great, im sure motorola will not fail to deliver the goods and functionality!

when is the fone due out?

  • ^-^

ok so its very slim, but we'll see if they managed to make a phone that has no manufacture fault and god camera quality

  • Daniel

Wow, this is a pretty awesome phone. I've been looking around some time for a new mobile and this is the best yet, esp. if it is the same size as the V3 and doesn't have the problems the V3 has.. but i don't understand the crapy outer screen resolution if the V3 has 65K colours??? Go figure... I wish it were out now!!!!!

  • Adam Z

How can any of the 154 people who have rated this phone possibly rate the performance???? The phone is not available yet!

  • Anonymous

Make the external display 65K so it would be the best MOTO!

  • John Tan

Hold on to your phones guys/gals! With Motorola cramming so much into the V1150, it will most certainly be power hungry and sluggish. Remember the MPx200?

  • dave

i dont expect phone will design such a way...its too COOOOOL...but i believed sms function is a disappointment...

  • Anonymous

If this phone is the same thickness as the V3, then it should be a nice one.......or else another crap from Motorola!!!!!!!!

  • George

I hope this phone is released in Australia soon because i just want one.

  • min

it looks really nice, I will buy this phone, but I saw that the external screen is only 4K this is very dissapointing, I wanted Motorola V1000, cuz its 65K external and 256K internal... but this phone, above all it looks nice

  • Anonymous

james umts=3g

  • james

who said anything about 3g? it says gsm triband right up the top! anywho, i love this phone!! theres just somthing about it that makes me want it!! i have a e398 right now, and i love it to death! but this would have to be just that lil bit better considering the flip, and looks!! ITS HOT!

  • Anonymous

You can still use it in the usa via its tri-band GSM.

  • Anonymous

3g is good!

  • scarface78

Too bad its made for 3G network ... @2100MHz

  • Naitro

Best looking clamshell!And the specs are excellent , i like the keyboard very much ; can`t wait till it`ll come out

  • MuDvAyNe

wow....dis phone is so sexy...wish I could afford one...features are just of the best clammshell phones out there...but the SE upcoming phones will be appealing....anyway...great phone 7/10

  • Nigredo

I really dont get it... Why are they still making clamz with 4K on the external???