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  • Anonymous

love the fone but recently started giving me problems it freezes quite often and switches off any ideas why???????? cos i love my fone and i wana know how to sort it out

  • Anonymous

how to install real one player to my motorola v3x.. pls help me !!!!! txt me 09229970147 or email me at

  • Anonymous

try to delete some of the old found bluetooth devices saven on the phone..that will help

  • Norah

i live in bluetooth does not connect anymore. what could be the problem and what should i do about it.

  • Aidan

Hello. Im interested in buying the v3 today. is it compatible with java games?

  • alethxander

how to install real one player to my motorola v3x.. pls help me !!!!! txt me 09229970147 or email me at

  • Anonymous

hi i've had this phone for around a month or two now, and it has been great thus far. Only problem is that: the keypad gets dirty. Does anyone have a solution to this? This is not the metal part of the keypad, but the parts where the backlighting would normally appear from. THanks.

  • liss_200

it movil trinband and quatband?
cool..... no everting

  • Anonymous

I have purchased a Mot V3x for my wife and use Cingular here in Texas, US. All works well except for the multimedia features. We cannot seem to download any multimedia text with pic. Settings are all correct (as our other phones). Any suggestions?

  • alethxander

how to install real one player to my motorola v3x.. pls help me !!!!! txt me 09229970147 or email me at

  • jefh

im from phillipines... the highly recommend this v3x the only problem with this phone is only the battery. coz its too weak and it drains fast than the other cellphone battery. the sond is good and also the color of the screen....

  • Fred

Hey guys!

I need some help! I'm having some problem with the camera. Everytime I switch to camera mode, the screen/ display goes all funny, like as if it's shooting infrared or something! But when I switch to the internal one, it's back to normal. I really don't understand!


Thanks for reading!

  • archelle18

yes im from philippines too.. the signal in all networks is great

  • tony

zen again dont quite understand how you made ur volume louder pls explain or maybe email me at dont have any problem with my v3x just the batt and volume satisfied with my fon tnx

  • Anonymous

I have, I took it in for repairs, it switched off and gave me a: "Boot Mode Error" message.

  • ferrarix

This is a very good phone. I highly recommend it. And by the way if you want to make the V3x better (faster, nicer, louder, more features) just go to the best modding site on the net.

This is also useful for any problems with the phone (such as flashing etc).
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  • kwesi

this thing is pretty cool but talk of the way it plays its sounds is soo bad.but is cool to own one is a good machine

  • gatchz

hey guys, i just search the web abt v3x coz i wnt to buy it this 2nd option is nokia 6680..theres more bad feedback abt the v3x than the 6680 its too long if i detailed the from philippines, just asking if the signal is ok in all network on v3x? and what should i buy v3x or 6680, a hint from you guys is a big help for me..

thnxs a lot..

  • archelle17

Hi Im back again here! almost 3 months having my moto v3x! but no problems at all encountered.. but lately... the skin of my fone got a very small scratch but... i almost cry cause i dont want my fone to get scratched! but i will take care of it more now! im buying a basic budget handset like nokia 1112 for a 2nd medium for me... :)

  • priyanka

hae my motorola v3x keeps turning on and off.has dis happened to anywun els? if so what shud i du about it?? cheerz guys. email me at