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  • Anonymous

i charge it every night... maybe it could last for 2 days if I wouldn't listen to music so much... I would also like to add that I have a 1 GB card and it works perfect, better than the 512 I had before. My card is from Apacer, if somebody would like to know which 1 GB works

  • yohanes halomoan

Great stuff !! Battery lasts 4 days.. Sharp pics.. though there is no memory card formatting use ur PC to get it formatted ! V3x is even better then V3xx...

  • ReeNi

what is the secondary vga video thing mean?

  • haha

i'm going to but a new hp. comparing the v3x and the v3i....which one is better?....specificly to the battery life...or are they the same? thz

  • haha

could somebody tell me how is the exact battery life on this phone.....thanz

  • haha

hello guys. i'm new here. i've read all the comments. one of it is the used of 2gb sd card. first of all you must know what is the memory limit that support on the phones. its true that it can detect the sd card on the phone but it cannot fully function...coz i think it only support below 1gb

  • archelle18

i want my phone volume increased!! its too low

  • jaydee

to kay,
when i already got the SKIMAN for me to download themes where do i need to paste the application? i mean in what folder of my memory card? and when can i open the application on my phone? please comment.. thanks!!

  • spindo

what is the video resulotion?

  • archelle18

best phone ever!

  • carnel

this phone is the bom it;s the best motrola phone every .i love my phone and the feat.and the colour................

  • princelord

I really want this phone, I live here in the US and my carrier is T Mobile..Do you guys think that this phone might work here? I really appreciate for the help, thanks!

  • Anonymous

mine broke after about a month, camera kept freezing and whole phone locked up, snapped it in 2 last night

  • Anonymous

Plz some1 let me know,how to format memory card in v3x,2)phone memory and also how to see memory usage consumption wise,3)can i get updated software from net

  • risk

this phone has a nice design, but file transfer is ruuuubash, any one help me cause only sum of the music i loaded on is workin im using a 2gb mem card and this phone dosent pick up evrithin misplaces my folders, doesnt keep track tag info, if anyone can help much would be appreciated

  • kay

agitsarcastic unfortunately u cannot paste a skin on the phoen, u would need a program called skiman, it's a skin manager, u can download it from

  • zhed

to all Mot Vx3 user, is it true that u have to update/get software atleast every 3 moths?
or the phone will switch off? coz i read it on the past post dated May 15,2007.pls, can anyone post your comment in tis issue. coz im planning to buy one. tnanks

  • anonymous

i reckon that this phone iz a suprize i thort that this fone was good ubtil i bought it it started playing up it wouldnt make calls and then ny video camera was playing up 2 out of ten

  • indra simanjuntak

i use the pink v3x.i love my phone. It`s so easy to use this phone, more comfortable and elegant. The camera makes good picture on 2 megapixels. Thnk u motorola, Go..go..Motorola. Always Be the Best

  • Deyaa

thx archelle