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Motorola V635

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  • StyX

For Kirsty:

If you take the back of the phone off, it will show you how to install the memory card. You slide off the silver part around the screen on the front and you'll find the spring loaded memory card slot on the left. Just put the card in and push to make it click into place. That's all. Just slide the cover back on and you're ready to go.

  • iamme

I have had this phone for just over 2 months and LOVE IT.

  • kirsty

i recently got this fone and everything is great except my friend tryed to send me this song on bluetooth and it wouldn't work? also where abouts do i put the 'sans disk transflash adaptor' that i got free with my fone and i got a USB cable for my phone and i dont no how to work it because i didnt get an installation disk with it ?

  • nameless

I had the same problem.. when the mp3s have 128 kb/s you want have any problem.. with 192 kb/s you can be lucky, but then not then some songs still donīt sound "normal".. If you convert them to 128 kb/s everything works fine

  • Aaron

I just recently got this phone with the rogers deal in Canada, and everything works fine but one thing. When I go to upload Mp3's, only some of them really upload properly, half of them start to skip and sound jumbled and fast when played. Does anyone have any idea what can cause this problem?

  • sarah

I have been trying to download ringtones but the computer does not recognize the hardware of the phone. What should I do?

  • Nigel

This site provides a download called P2K tools which you can use to install java games using a data cable and basic file management skills.

  • Sarah

I just bought this phone. Signed a 3 year contract with the provider to get it for 199.00CDN. I didn't even talk or use the phone, I was trying out the camera and it conked out on me. The screen went black with a white stripe. I tried listening to the ringtones and it would just say loading. This was within half hour of taking it from the store. It didn't even fall. Maybe I just got a faulty one...I dunno. I hope that I don't have to send it for repair. I just got it. Shyt.

  • Navid

I got this cellphone and its really nice and amazing, but I have a small question. I have been trying to add a java game yet still dont quiet get it. Can anyone help, I'm using the usb drive with the memory chip.


  • nick

the phone is amazing, the video is cool , pics are amazing the reception is great i love it

  • StyX

I got the V635 as a b-day gift and I love it. The only problem I've had with it is the speaker. When it plays certain poly or mp3 ringtones, it crackles and clicks. Other than that, the phone is excellent. I read that some people are complaining about their phone getting scratched. I left the plastic on mine. It's practically invisible. The reception is great! When I talk to people, they can't even tell I'm on a cell. I think that depends on your service too. I am on T-Mobile in the USA. Battery life is pretty good too. I use mobile web on my phone all the time, plus talk time, and I only charge the phone maybe every 3-4 days. I guess I was one of the lucky ones that got a good one. The camera is great also. It has excellent qualityh and the videos are the best I've seen on a phone.

Hope this is helpful.


  • Laura

please help, i dont think my phone came with a usb cable. does the V635 usualy come with one? what would it look like? help please!

  • Vicky Branch

I've been having problems with this mobile for a while now. A lot of the time when someone phones me I can not hear them although they can hear me. A few people with different models of the motorola mobile are having the same problems.

  • Al

HAHAHA, at least your phone's cover lasted more than a month, my black cover is all scratched since day one, get the sony W800, that's a good phone, I've heard that SE K750's covers are kinda weak and plasticky.

  • paul

had this phone for over 4 months now, the front has started to scratch where the flip opens, noticed that after 2 months, now the silver is comming of the buttons, but the most annoying thing, the mp3 ring tones pause for over 3 secs when i get txt messages
instead of playing right though, but only when the phones closed, fine when it's open sometimes it just beeps when a txt comes, this is my last moto phone, think ill buy a sony k750i, least it has a good battery for the mp3 player

  • ivanmania

how do you manually add mp3 ringtones to the phone with the data cable?

  • Marvin

This is the hottest and the latest phone in guyana right is sellin for like US$400.The phone design,features and camera are the best i ve seen so far.Can anyone say where i could pick up a memory card for the phone

  • Al

I've had this phone for a month now, and I can't believe there's people who actually think this is the best phone in the market!
Of course it has it's good points,like customization and .mp3 ringtones, but I've never been able to connect it to my PC using bluetooth, and sometimes while using the USB cable, it not only freezes the phone but also my computer! As soon as I get rid of this phone I'm going back to Samsung or SE, they've never let me down with their products as Motorola has done with this thing. This is my last Motorola phone.

  • Gino Kha

This phone is great, the E815 is just a upgrade of this phone. yeah i admit this phone is kinda slow compared to the e815 and the screeen is smaller but hey the keypad looks great and the exterior is amazing.

  • luke

how long can the phone record for. And can it play movies. does any one know were to get the phone from on 02