Motorola W230

Motorola W230

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  • Anonymous

niknok, 24 Jun 2008my pc doesn't recognized the w230, i've formatted my memo card b... moreCheck whether u've drivers installed in ur system. Or connect with someother usb port (in back of the cpu)

  • karthik

in moto w230 phone the call drop tone doesn't works

  • dipa

rashid, 23 Jun 2008i have a problem to download jar files can you help me?Hi! This phone not support java files. W230 is prioriented for listening the music [mp3] and fm radio. Thats all! Not bad..

  • niknok

my pc doesn't recognized the w230, i've formatted my memo card but still i can't use the drag and drop feature. help!

  • Danny

plz can someone tell me how this set is , someone who has been using it for 2 or 3 months , is it good for sms(ing) , def good memory 500 i.e. how is the mp3 player and its sound level, are there any driver problems etc plz someone reply soon waiting to get it or any other alternate for this phone REPLY SOON

  • sipho (South Africa)

Great phone!Honestly.. I have just ordered myself one but what i want to know is, can I do Mxit on my W230.. But if not, that is not a problem because I still get to listen to the radio and play MP3's and do lots of other fun stuff on my MOTO...

Thanks for the wonderful cellular phone Motorola..

  • Anand

Those who have music player related question download the music guide from motorola site as shown below
go to, the Indian site.then to SUPPORT > select Manuals >select manual type MOBILE PHONES>select W270>select User guide music270
the W270 and W230 share the same music player

  • rashid

i have a problem to download jar files
can you help me?

  • Danny

On the whole , can anyone tell me how this set is i mean the opinions show that there are driver problems and that there is only 1 sound level in mp3 player etc ?????? waitng for a reply

  • Anonymous

how to install JAR files(applications) in the film

  • dan

can i create playlist?, pls help.

  • Mk

Can we minimize the music player and fm radio?

  • cyjae

the phone is has substance...i install 84 songs using the now enjoying listening musics that i downloaded...

  • Chayon

wanna buy this fon.but I dnt knw is it show caller time when I talking in mobile?

Another Question is, this fon have differnt caller group in phonebook?

nd my my last Question is, this fon can give any DELIVERD report in sending any Messages?

PLZ any one solve my problem. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  • Cristi Romania

my dad use a w230 very quality sound

  • Anonymous

what about the sound clarity?

  • Anand

You can copy music without windows media player as given below

How do I load music on my phone without using Windows Media Player?

You can copy music files from the computer to you phone's memory or optional microSD memory card.

On your phone:

Press the Center Key.
Scroll to and Select Settings.
Scroll to and Select Connections.
Scroll to and Select USB Setting.
Scroll to and Select Memory Card.
Connect the USB cable to the mini-USB port on your phone and to an available USB port on your computer.
On your computer:

Note:Your phone and memory card appear as Removable Disks on your computer.

Locate the phone and memory card Removable Disk icons. On a Windows PC, the icons appear in the My Computer window. On a Mac, the icons appear on the desktop.
Double-click the Removable Disk icon for your phone or memory card.
Drag and drop the desired music files onto the appropriate Removable Disk icon.
Remove the phone safely from your computer:
On a Windows PC, right-click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray and select USB Mass Storage Device.
On a Mac, drag the Removable Disk icon to the Trash.

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Yes Yes, but... No

  • dan

can i create playlist?

  • WilliamC-Ph

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Make a folder called 'music' and another called 'picture' Put all music files in the music folder. Pictures intended for wallpaper or MMS goes into the 'picture' folder. The phone should see the mp3 afterwards. Use 'Play all' to play through all the songs, use 'shuffle' if you want a differing order of the songs each time.

  • Velraj

Can I download themes fo my w230