Motorola W230

Motorola W230

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  • Ramji

For more info u can mail me at

  • Ramji

I just bought it yestrday from univercell, Chennai. Looks a cool phone with fully loaded features. I got a 256mb card along with it. Cost me 3k(2.9k + VAT) The body looks a bit plastic not as sturdy as nokia. But that doesnt mean its not good. Its just that i dont think it'l withstand many accidental falls! Sound clarity is ok. Its pretty loud in a reasonably quiet surrounding. Fm is also cool. And i dont think it can play videos. It plays mp3 format ok. But gettin some probs with jpeg files. Im yet to find out what picture format actually works here

  • Alok

Does any one know that will this phone play videos...??
Can i view 3gp or mp4 videos on it,can i download software on its mem card and use it.
What is the initial internal memory offered and how's the sound quality?
Im looking forward to buy this gadget, please clear my doubts.

  • ash

Where did u get it? what price? ... I have been looking for it too, but it's not available in the market

  • Nahuel

Nikil: Sorry, but I canīt help you. But could I ask you something please? how is the software like, I mean, is it the same installed in the motorola K1 or it is different? And what about the music? Does it sounds good? thanks you...

  • Nikil

i have purchased,its Amazing . i am just in the badly need of the drivers for it. could anybody plz tell me where can i get its phone tools software and modem drivers?

  • sunil

can it be used as a modem with gprs connectivity?
If yes, please tell me how...

  • Anonymous

Great Phone

  • parth

does this phone support mp3 ringtones

  • Samir

A moto W230 harvey is a class cell 4 me bcoz m working with Call Centre.........
so its Amaging phone 4 all who working with IT,BPO, Call Centre...........
Keep it up MOTO..........\
Hello Moto..............

  • Anonymous

@vijay. I am also waiting for w279 folder. One question , is it possible to record sound or phone calls. Since both these phones are similar.

  • Anonymous

how is the keypad in this phone? and sound quality listening to MP3?

  • Arun Joseph

damn good fone... keep it up moto..

  • renjith

this is simply great for me.Bcoz i was looking for an mp3phone at low price with expandable memory.

  • amit manawat

i dnt feel d look al most like other moto fon

  • hari om singh

iam surprise to see this phone with low price with memorycard option but only support audio format,why not vedio format?

  • vijay

Available for Rs. 2990 at Univecell in India- but will hold for W270 ( want a clamshell) -when will Motorola Introduce that ?

  • Lava

i expected this from moto long ago, many companies dont allow camera phones, and we wanted mp3 and memmory expansion. this phone is great. it would be awesome if moto adds bluetooth to this phone

  • Lion King

At last a music phone with memory slot and without a camera and for the right price!


it could have been better with addition of camera contained in w215