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Motorola Z6w

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  • johndru

does motorola have business class phones? anyway, 2mp cameras may be classified as midrange yet this z6w MIGHT BE released on a higher price than expected. yet we all know that motorola phones will always drop because nobody would dare to buy them. those who want this wifi-enabled phone should rather wait for the price to drop instead of buying it immediately. we all know moto. poor moto. go on and sell your mobile unit division. the end is near for you. do you really want to follow the footsteps of siemens???

  • Gara

see thats what im asking too if this phone can use wifi to browse the internet!!!

  • mw

finaly thay add wifi,but on a low end phone, what's rong with motorola y could thay put wifi in the z10 and it dozent eart to add radio ithor.

  • Anonymous

Impotant Question!!
In the specs it says this phone has wi-fi UMA connectivity. Does this mean it can only use wi-fi to make internet calls like the Nokia 6301 or can it use wi-fi to surf the internet like the iPhone and N85?

All help appreciated!

  • Anonymous

i think gsmarena should add processor speeds in their specs...

  • Anonymous

this phone is the best ive seen in moto so far, check out its processor speed. i think all moto phones are slow but this one is fast. it also has flash and wifi, what more could u find in a simple phone... it only lacks 3.5g which i think is important.

  • jinxy

these guys are hilarious! apple this and apple that, apple sucks! its all hype with no substance, a poor phone with a poor camera and features! anyway,nice to see motorola back in the game but this phone looks about as poor as its features. they need to make something much better in my opinion to compete!

and you apple fans! what do you want, a poor phone, a poor camera or a shoddy low memory music player? the iphone stuffs them all in one and as a result none are good

  • Anonymous

"2008-02-24 18:58:17 can't u see? apple is the best... look they come on the market with a phone like nothing ever seen b4!"
So they took 2 worst things on the market and made them into one, thats hardly something I'd call best. Now a solid Linux Rizr with long-awaited WiFi is something.

  • Taylor

Motorola hit it huge with the razor, now they keep making slider phones, candy bar phones are hitting it big now, I don't see anything I haven't seen before in Motorola.

  • Anonymous

can't u see? apple is the best... look they come on the market with a phone like nothing ever seen b4!

  • Gara

guys plz reply... this wifi phone can be used to browse the internet via wifi?

  • jjsoviet

Well, brand prestige has struck the people once again. Don't just buy something because of its brand name. That is so one-sided. At least the Z6 is cheaper than any other wi-fi phone out there. The Linux is very good anyways, no bells and whistles which only confuse the people like in Symbian phones.

  • Anonymous

hey guyz i got this fone last week and the battery is dead plz dont buy this fone go 4 nokia

  • Moto-Sucks

I would be good if they release this phone istead of the z3. But the Linux on the z6 sucks anyway and the cpu is no where fast enough for the z6 let alone the z6w.

If you have a look at motorola the only new phone they did since late2004 V3 is the Q9. all the other phone is the same shi.t. Oh and the q9, huge dissappointment.

  • Gara

so guys can i use this wifi in my home and browse the internet on the phone?

  • Mr.Stain

Like someone once said!! If this is the best you can do... well then I guess IŽll just have to kill you!!! And that's what's happening to Moto... If this is the best you can do, well then bye bye Motorola!


Don’t know whatz wrong with Motorola. Nothing new is coming in the market. And same kind of phone is with little change. Hope we all dint accept this from Motorola. Wish all the best for Morotola.

  • Anonymous

whts new in this? same as Z6 but with wifi..!!Just 2mp camera?Phew good luck motorola

  • lacruise

motorola with the new OS is on the right way now, but the are a little bit slow!

2 MP is enough for somebody who don't need it. if you need someting else, go for SE.

Wifi! Cool. They are the first who will put wifi in a lower category phone! Nokia has, but only in business edition! Compering Z6w with E51! It will have the same functions, but in a smaller package and the os is faster then the damn nokia shit!

  • Aditya

See, ders nothin new in dis except Wifi i think so y vl a normal person buy dis phone??he can either go 4 another brand as they giv Wifi wid a Big Screen......Moto PUUULLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE.....Grow up......nd Giv Sumthin new...BEst Of Luck nd Chak De....!!