Motorola ZN200

Motorola ZN200

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  • Anonymous

zn200 is bad phone. its better to use sony ericsson w580 its comes with slide,small phone, low weight, sound quality is best, .all things are powerful


Best ever phone in 2008. Cheap n Best cell, Sound quality is good as well as camera is also nice....i am happy, & i think i m not wasted my money...!

  • Rko

This is good phone ,sound quality is not best, but good ,great cemera,cool designe,but 1 thing is bad i use the gprs in phone not in pc.....but it is good phone......

  • Anonymous

flop model of this year. plz dont buy ......its wastage of ur money

  • jiro

very poor phone i have wasted my money on this one i bhought it last october then the head set is not fuctioning well just this november thats just a month ago so im recomending you guys not to buy this crappy phone take my advice i have experienced it. not a good deal dont be fooled in its exterior and its features its tempting...... arg buti pa yung razr 4 years n sakin gumgana pa ng ayus ito isang buwan lang sira na!

  • abhishek srivastav

its very bad handset dont buy this to waste ur money its landura handset

  • AusMan

Folks, the published cost is way too high. Try in Melbourne, Australia. They have it for a bit above AU$240 plus postage.

I agree with the comments - good phone but overpriced at RRP for the features.

A good alternative is the Nokia 6085.

  • Archana

Akash, 01 Dec 2008heya....pple....i wanna buy a handset arnd the range of betwn 50... moreThis is the best option u can go for. I am currently using it. cheap price around Rs.6300 with excellent features.

  • vaibh24

hey if anybody hv problem with this handsed into video mode plz reply me ur's opinion abt it. when i trying to open next video it gets hang..........i hv replaced my handset from service center but their same problem occured..............plz reply me hurry

  • Akash

heya....pple....i wanna buy a handset arnd the range of betwn 5000 and 7000. pls tel me which one is the bst.....waise i was thnking to motorola ZN2oo...hows it...pls hlp me...reply fast....thanx!

  • hero

cuttie don't buy it.... don't waste your money to this unit.

  • cutie

Is this phone really worth the money?I want some advice on whether or not to purchase it.

  • Anonymous

is it worth to buy zn200 or not??????????

  • Ram Gopal Mishra

The Handset work is not satisfactury, Hanging Probloms, and also castly.

  • Vaibh


im a zn200 user. my video mode is not properly working.
when i would like to open next video its getting hang after 4-5 min it is return back normal .if anybody got this problem then reply me n tell me solution on my email id- i complaint abt it to moto service center but i didnt get sufficient answer from them. they told me hold till the new update coming............

  • Anonymous

ajeesh, 19 Nov 2008USB is not working it appeared for a moment and then disappeared... moremy problem is same. when i trying to connect it to pc it is not connected........then i go to d usb modem mode n after usb disk........automatically it connected to d pc............i complaint abt it to d service center.they told me hold till d new update coming

  • Vaibh

THE MOBILE STORE, 22 Nov 2008HEY HIE Please tell me .. how can we use it this fone... morehey click volume button to keep it on silent when u receiving call.................

n press n hold # key to convert it into silent mode.
hope u will get ur ans
i m also a zn200 user

  • Maki

Does anyone have the US T-mobile MMS/Web specific step-by-step settings for this phone?

  • hero

hi there.. i used this phone for 15 hrs. then i return it to the supplier. I told them that the phone is like a china phone "TV phone from china". the program is almost the same. you can actually compare it to china phone. the fonts and some icon in menu are almost the same. you can not change the message alert tone. texting is so hard, the letters appeared so slow, you must wait the letter to appear before hitting another. the materials that they use is cheap.

for those who like to purchase this phone, try to demo it first before purchasing...

  • Sammy

Its a basic phone with a small screen (very small), a a bad back plate. The first day it was covered with hairline scratches. I'd say the worst quality phone in my 15 years of using cellphones. It won't take microsd cards larger than 2 GB. The best thing about it is the camera, which is only 2 MP. I paid 170.00 US, however, I don't think its worth more than $60.00 bucks. I doubt that it will last more than a year. I would not recommend this phone to my friends.