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MWg Zinc II

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  • AnonD-716026

Obscure phone, obscure company that made this phone

  • PHIL

Claire, 31 May 2010I have this phone for the last 6 months and it is an excell... morehi, i have managed to break a little plastic tab on my battery cover and now cant turn it on - where did you source a replacement?

  • Zoly

Does anyone know if I have to manually turn on the speaker each time I want to phone someone and want to hear him? I find it odd that if I don't do this, the person that I'm calling can hear me but I can't hear him unless I turn the speaker on.

  • Anonymous

check the replacement battery from this site. The company based at Singapore.

  • Anonymous

Where can I buy spare battery for this Zinc II? Online?
I am living in Malaysia.

  • Claire

I have this phone for the last 6 months and it is an excellent phone.
The only problem I have with it, I have lost the back battery cover and the phone will not work without it.
I have ordered one but it will take 5 days to deliver.
As I use it for work I can't survive 5 days....Anyone have any ideas on how to switch it on without the cover?

  • Andre

Great using it over a year,still hv no problem...but poor camera quality Y.Y

  • cc i founded here an it workss very welll it was like 75 dolares with shiping

  • Zam

Firstly i had second thoughts of this brand, but after reading some reviews(not on here) i though i will give it a Try, truely amazing everything works fine, fast & smooth, very well built Even though it only has 64MB ram it still runs Several Applications without Slowing down, Good Value Too as i Only Paid £60 for it Nearly New condition.

  • Imran Balwa

I like this phone because it has a complete keypad with a combination of best features. I could not find any better phone with this price and features with qwerty keyboard. only problem is that it has max speed of 3.6mbps instead of 7.2 mbps

  • barnry

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2008Currently you are not able to save contacts data to the mem... moretry using the sim manager you can copy your contcts to the sim card

  • barney

mikodlasna, 07 Feb 2009does anyone know the max capacity i can put on the microsd ... moresome people say 8gb i have it running a 4gb with no issue

  • Kenneth

My phone is out of audio sound after i install window 6.5, please help. Thank in advance =)

  • Anonymous

I have been playing with my phone part of the day but it seemed to be hot to hold. Anyone have this problem? Then by 6pm the battery went dead? What is draining the battery? Any ideas?

  • AJG

I sent my Zinc 11 back after just a few days! Battery life appalling, GPS didn't work, keyboard unusable, impossible to align screen so that scroll bars worked in both portrait and landscape modes. Replaced with a Nokia E71 which was only £20 more and is a much, much better phone.

  • Pride

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2009I've had my zinc ii for 6 months. It is suddenly not respo... moreNot sure, but for for future reference, I strongly advise to use a program called 'Sprite Backup'.
Just google search for it.
It's free for a 15 day trial. After the trial, you can still reuse any backups you have made.

  • Anonymous

I've had my zinc ii for 6 months. It is suddenly not responding to touch or to the keyboard. I now get the following message "Several incorrect passwords have been entered. To Continue password entry, enter a1b2c3." Problem is that the device is not responding to touch or the keyboard. Is there a way to back up my info prior to performing a hard reset?

  • Pride

This replaced my Eten Glofiish M800 which after a week went haywire.
Anyway, the Zinc II is a very stable handset. Although it has no VGA screen and only 64 mb of RAM, it is very worthy of the price tag of £199.
I've had some real good use from it for about two weeks now and not experienced any major issues.

Make sure you get the final update from

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2008Just a query for those using the Zinc II: Could someone tel... moreJust after 2 months of normal use I find that my Zinc II has a cracked screen: Expansys asks me to pay 200-350 Euros to have it replaced...almost the cost of a new Zinc II! I can't find anyone who would just sell me a new LCD: Does anyone have any idea where I could get this? Thanks


Really it's very nice phone with all modern features