MWg Zinc II

MWg Zinc II

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  • Wally
  • iBt
  • 16 Oct 2008

Very good design... nice display.... vveru good features... camera is not the baest but this is not a camera phone so it's ok ..... but only one question to everybody, from where is this brand i have never seen before in gsm arena or in my life??
please somebody answers me.. i'm from america and i haven't seen this...

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    • astral
    • PUS
    • 15 Oct 2008

    Just got the Zinc II recently as I was looking for a Qwerty keyboard device that is great for messaging, yet not too bulky to fit into my pocket...

    I am pretty attracted to the design of the device, which is slim comparing against other Qwerty keypad PDA phones.
    The rubberized feel is welcomed as it does not get smudged with fingerprints easily.

    The Qwerty keyboard is quite attractive sleek and reminds me of the keypads on the RAZR phones. But I will prefer it to be a bit more tactile.

    As for performance, this is one of the few PDA phones that I have used that is stable.

    I have no issues with battery life as it did last me for around 1.5 days in a single charge with some ussage for emails, surfing with WiFi and the usual calls and sms.

    Well, the main issue I have was the camera... 2 Mega Pixel is not hi res enough compared to the other models in the market.

    If you are looking for a powerful and reliable device that comes with sleek form factor and QWERTY keypad, the Zinc II is well worth your consideration.

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      • Rn@
      • 14 Oct 2008

      beautiful.. nice business assist..