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MWg Zinc II

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  • mikodlasna

does anyone know the max capacity i can put on the microsd slot? will it work with a 16gb microsd card?

  • Danni_BoYz

had this for a month now. this phone is rubbish. takes ages to respond to stylus. only 64mb ram???????? going to swap out for htc touch pro. cant beleive i paid for this

  • Anonymous

for Andrew

free SPB Mobile Shell 2

  • Anonymous

Andrew , 24 Dec 2008does anyone know where i can download a FREE full version o... moreYou have to buy it. You can try checking out at forums.

  • Anonymous

ME, 23 Dec 2008My phone keeps telling me system storage card has been dete... moreTry doing a hard reset without the memory card inserted. Press and hold onto the record button and soft reset button until the while bars stop moving

  • Andrew

does anyone know where i can download a FREE full version of the spb mobile shell ?...all i'm getting is the trial version

  • ME

My phone keeps telling me system storage card has been detected when i didn't even remove it. Can this be corrected?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2008The system password has also been my problem: What a scare ... moreTo solve the password problem, simply do a firmware upgrade. The latest version is 2EUU.1033.Zinc II VER 010 WWE 230 0825. You can download it at It is found right at the bottom of the page. I got to know about this problem before buying this. So I did a firmware upgrade straight out of the box and the password problem did not pester me at all.:)

  • Anonymous

Currently you are not able to save contacts data to the memory card.:)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2008The system password has also been my problem: What a scare ... moreJust a query for those using the Zinc II: Could someone tell me if one could save the Contacts data to the SD card rather than the mobile's own memory?
Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2008Just a rebaged E-ten M750 but sure as good as the original!The system password has also been my problem: What a scare that I had locked the phone: The accompanying booklet does not explain how to do a correct hard reset: My teenage son found the correct way off the Expansy forum - Thank goodness.
The SD card not having a cover is also a worry: What if 4GB of data pop out of your phone if it accidently dropped only to disappear in oblivion?! I just put on a piece of tape just in case!
The QWERTY keyboard is not as bad as some reviews make it out to be: You won't write an essay with it but it's very good for short notes and sms's.
Overall, considering the halfing of the price form 400 to 200 Sterling it probably beats all the cpmpetition for value for money.

  • Mwg User

Ok,like I say on my previous post I'm back regarding the battery.My battery last 3 days with some wifi,sms,solitaire(game),contacts editing,listen to some mp3.All this with no shutdown for 3 days.

Charging normally took me around 3 hours (off mode)
I hope this is good news and wish to hear from others here.

So far,no errors/problems yet.Better be that way :)
I'm satisfied with the performance for now.

  • Anonymous

Just a rebaged E-ten M750 but sure as good as the original!

  • MWg user

My first pda (so call).Just bought mine 2 days ago.
Have been a Sony user for awhile but this one is my first.

So far,I've seen no problems except for the system password.Need to do a hard reset for this.I suggest not to use this feature for now until new firmware release.The speaker is great and quite loud.The sound is very pleasing not outstanding but it's alright.

Wireless works well and I've seen some videos from you tube.Not that laggy and resolution is ok.
Now,I'm monitoring the battery and see if it's according to specs.

Will update later....

  • -

I'm not familiar with how phones work overall, I was wondering how it works, When its unlocked, you just put the Sim in, and depending on your Sim, you'll have access to internet connection and such?
It looks really nice and affordable and I was thinking about getting it.
Thank you =)

  • Wally

Thanks to all that answered my question.. so this brand is from New Zealandand it has a office at Singapore and now is going to recplace o2 mobiles.... good... It seems that can be a competitive brand like Htc... i thought this was a china brand because of the name... i was wrong...:)
Let's see what this brand can produce..

  • Anonymous

Just a little bit of RAM would hav made it as beautiful as HTC Touch Pro. I am a htc user.But still well done MWg

  • MWG

This brand is 100% made in new zealand its new zealands 1st mobile phone manufacturer and i think they are doing a top notch job.....

  • krishan kalra

Wally, 16 Oct 2008Very good design... nice display.... vveru good features...... moreMWg has a office in Singapore. MWg peoples are the same peoples who are in to o2 in Asia. MWg has taken all the asian rights of o2 mobiles. now o2 mobiles comes with the brand name of MWg.

  • Anonymous

Hi There

MWg stands for Mobile & Wireless Group. They are based in Singapore.

Actually the company used to be operating under O2 Asia and marketed O2 devices in Asia. However, after the withdrawal of O2 in Asia, MWg took over the operations and market devices under the MWg brand.

More information of MWg can be found here: