NEC e949/L1

NEC e949/L1

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  • Ngoc

Hello, I am looking for Battery for NEC e949/L1, Please help us to advise where can supply it. Thanks too much.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if this supports MAP with Bluetooth.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-158498, 27 Jun 2013Do you know where can I buy NEC e949/L1?I've been looking for one for ages. The closest I got was the same model in blue color and the Peugeot logo on eBay.

  • AnonD-158498

Do you know where can I buy NEC e949/L1?

  • John V. Dactilidis

I'm thinking to buy NEC e949/L1 for my birthday and I'm not 100% sure if I really want it.I want to write me your opinions about the phone.

  • devious mind

Hello everyone, if you have your nec 949 freezed than try to do next action, open sim card apartment and using a piece of wire or scrap and connect two contact points (you'll see them under sim lid-two round contacts close to eachother)it helps me, good luck with that!

  • mako

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2010NEC e949 is my favorite mobile. but the charger has broken.... morehi,
here is a site in england wich sell nec charger and another.

  • Dee

Markus, 10 Dec 2008Hello!! I'm now on my third one of these phones. /all have ... moreMarkus -

Can you tell me if there is a place that still carries these?

Thank you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2009Is NEC still making phones? I miss my old L1...I would buy... moreNEC e949 is my favorite mobile. but the charger has broken. and now i cant use my phone. i want to buy the charger but its unavailable in Bangladesh market. please help me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2009great phone, though i managed to brick it by setting a pas... morethe phone is asking for a PUK Code, which i dont
know, and then offers me the opportunity to change
the pin. This is what happened, i forgot the pin,
and now it wants an unblocking PUK code.

I bought this phone over ebay, so would my provider
be able to send or have a PUK code that they didnt
code into the phone ? How does a provider know
about a phone they didnt sell ?

  • Anonymous

great phone, though i managed to brick it by setting
a password and now I can not remember what it was.

Anyone know how to resolve numerous attempts to
guess the password which freezes the phone ?

  • Samsung and SE

I have this phone back in 2006. and I still try to find him on ebay.

  • bijimi

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2009Is NEC still making phones? I miss my old L1...I would buy... moreThe phone is a very admirable one for every one to desire to hold but i only saw it ones and that was the one i bought and since the it has feasle out from circulation. Please, improve on it and send for us to buy.

  • Anonymous

Is NEC still making phones? I miss my old L1...I would buy one if they updated the feature set.

  • Bains

Where d i get the softwares for my cell ??

  • Markus

Hello!! I'm now on my third one of these phones. /all have been purchased 2nd hand. The phone design is aging by the stds that you can purchase now but the NEC design is just simply great! It's a well posey little number that everyone who sees it in my hand comments on... The only negative from me is the battery life but i guess it would be less asit's so slim. If you want a 'no-gimmic' phone that looks smart, this is the one. You can also buy them at a good price these days.. Cheers!!

  • vacon

How much well this phone holds a network? How well it transfers speech?

  • Jinmaru

One of the best thing about this phone is its shape and camera.Love to take pics on that.Only problem no card slot.

  • Steven_T

Vu, Nguyen Cong, 19 Apr 2008Hello,! I am in Viet Nam, I love my cell phone NEC e949,... morewell a phone just like human brain if you dropped it hard enough it will get damage inside just like human when you hit your head too hard you will be cucu i suggest you take it to the phone store have it check up and fix just like human need to go to the doctor for an Xray.

  • Anonymous

Ive had the phone for over a year now and I think I can give a fair review. The feature set is very nice for a phone of this size and the construction (made in Japan) is high quality materials. Due to the small battery capcity you will likely need to charge the battery every night, which is the worst thing about this phone. The bluetooth performance is also somewhat slow compared to my girlfriends N73. Also, while the camera resolution is much higher than the V3 the lens quality is only so-so, so optimal images require perfect conditions. The phone is pretty customizable and personally I find the interface to be very intuitive and easy to use. As a basic phone this one is tough to beat in the slim flip category. Its aged a bit though, but this market seems to have been abandoned so at current street prices it is still worthy of consideration.