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NEC e949/L1

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  • arkalite

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2008I have on e949 almost more than a year. It seems to me my b... moreBatteries can only be replaced at an Nec service center as their built in. might i suggest getting a new handset their available online now for only $50.

  • Anonymous

I have on e949 almost more than a year. It seems to me my battery getting weak. Do you how I can get my battery replaced? It is it built in or replaceable?

  • Vu, Nguyen Cong


I am in Viet Nam, I love my cell phone NEC e949, but it was dropped. Now he is not work!
When I power on, its warning (Power off insert SIM and turn on). but SIM is has no problem and connected already!(I have checked my VN PHONE SIM card with others Cell Phone, It's working)
Pls give me a peices of advice with many thanks.
And please show me what parts's wrong in it if you can help!
Thank you!

  • emy

the thing about no one can hear you is that the spot where u plug in the charger brokes easily.i solved my problem by sticking a litle pin forcing the input to go lower.

  • SeFan2

veeeeeery beautiful and better than an v3 ¬¬

  • sadaf

hi i'vr had the ph for over 6 months now & i really like it but the thing is tht i cant no1 can hear me out of it but with the head ph thy cany hear me so my headphone screwed up & i now i need a new 1? any1 know her ei can get it from im in calgary, canada


using for almost one year.its a damn faults.speaker quality crystal clear.guys go for it.

  • Alex

I bought this L1 a while ago loved how thin it was, sound is great, started hating it when texting, plus menu was unfriendly...

  • Mukul roy

I have a NEC mobile of model e949.I live in Bangladesh.But i have no charger(adapter) of that cell phone.I Wonder this charger hard and soul but i can not find it in my country.For this reason my cell phone is now totally ideal.Please give me some advice that can solve my problem.


i use this mobile i realy enjoy it. it is just like computer but if u use for fun then it is opposit.

  • Jon

The adapter for my NEC L1 recently broke and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could pick up a new one.

I cant find one locally and no one seems to sell it online.


  • Mana

To all US Cingular users, here is the info you need for MMS and Email:

MMS Settings
Connection profile:
MMS Center:
Proxy Server:
HTTP Port: 8080
APN: wap.cingular
Password: CINGULAR1

APN: wap.cingular
Proxy Server:
Portal URL: http://device.home
User Name: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM (all caps)
Password: CINGULAR1 (all caps)
HTTP Port: 8080
HTTPS Port: 80

Hope that helps. It worked for me.

  • Anonymous

I have NECe949 Ultra Thin Mobile(silver) for almost eight months now (october 2006) but till date I cannot make use of the bluetooth and the WAP because no body can configure it (NEC e949) and indeed all NEC phones here in Nigeria. Is NEC phones built for European countries alone? Where can I configure my nec phone in Nigeria? I LOVE my NEC e949 phone and people infact envy me for that. Also make this phone (NEC e949) available in Nigeria because many of those who have seen the phone want to have theirs also. Your reply is highly expected.

  • bmx

I need help with an Li to work with my T-mobile network. It is always saying searching for network. What do I need to do since might have been designed for the Asian market. Thanks anyone for your help.

  • fuze

i had the cellphone for nearly 8 months now. It was working very well until last weekend, the screen became white all of a sudden and it powered itself down. i waited till the battery drained then i plugged it in to recharge. The screen is still white. NEC USA can do NOTHING about it since they don't have it. Anybody faced this problem could help me plz?

  • edwina

i just bought nec e949 horizon am sending it to ghana so i can used it u think its popular for foriegner to used back home to all my ghanian friends,feed back pls i like the phone anyways it has good features and it is an european phone anyways. feed back

  • anant

I am not able to use any of the features other than of a standard mobile on my handset. I assume that there is no support for nec 949 in India. When the co. will provide the support ?

  • frank

is the reception good in toronto/canada
anybody own this phone in canada
let me know please

  • Rambo

Hey all, this phone is very good, the surface of the phone is nearly unscratchable, you can convert mp3 ringontes using the comp to play them on the phone, battery life is fairly good unless you use the video too much. Im appy to have this phone.

  • frank B

i thinking of getting this phone.
anyone knows how is the reception in Canada??with Rogers network
what do you suggest
i care about reception and how small is the phone. Don't need the MP3 for other features.