Neonode N1

Neonode N1

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  • jamil

wow...the best and outstanding phone..i don't know how to say it...just wowwww....

  • James(London)

I find it very strange that people try and criticise the N1 before it has been released. This phone is almost half the size of the SE P800, what is the point of comparing it. In terms of visual appeal this phone, along with the 8910i are much better than any competitors.

Facts are facts. This phone will be astoudingly small, considering it has superb graphics, MP3 player, video capability.

Bluetooth and vibration are ideals. But it does not...IR is a sucess. N2 will definately have it.

  • Swede

Cool. Swedish shit ?? 256000 colours are shit ?? Whats your favourite display ?

256 or 4096 colours ? Muhahaha ....

  • ME

I can tell:
Swedish shit!
Don't buy it!
- 262K colors in picture view mode.
-From Sweden.
-Dificult to use:

  • Trinity

You can only buy it online !!!

  • Anonymous

This ain't a bloody phone.. It has better capabilities than my last computer.....

  • Vincent Leyson

The N1 has an interesting look - retro futuristic? However they should have made it into a Triband phone as most business users would want. A vibra function would be nice too. And they should have supported Symbian OS instead of windows.

  • Anonymous

this is the best phone ever made on this corrupted world.

  • Utopiatist

PLZ TELL ME THIS PHONE IS TRIBAND i read everywhere that it is a dualband one, but it is hard to beleive... thnx for your answers (with sources plz)

  • androulakis manolis

iam intreasting for this prodact and if it's posible to send me the menu for the telephone in english or in greece.

  • rahman

i would like to buy it...but when it comes to malaysia.also the price?

  • prashant

where to buy this Neonode N1 and please provide the company info also

  • parmod jain

I mail about the availabilty of this mobile so many times but till date i did not get any feed bak of the same this is the first company who is not taking any intrest in their coustmers if company is not intrested to sell their mobile than what is the fun of advertisment of the mobile

My e mail is
Parmod Jain

  • Manuele Malignaggi

I wont to know about price
Neonode N1 ?

  • icedance

the price is about 500 € and 420€ without taxe

  • david

I wont to know about price
Neonode N1 ?

  • Anonymous

why still make dual band phones ... little bit crazy

  • Anonymous

sory but how do you espect to right quick sms with this phone ?

  • SonThao

To whom it may concern!
I am just interested in the Neonode N1 mobile phone.Can you please give me some information about the local to buy those phone in Berlin-Germany?I was loved to get your replay as soon as you can.
Big thanx

  • Zuhdi

This cellphone is very good pall.