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Neonode N1

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  • Long Nguyen

I come to see the web and I would like to know if i can Bye neonode N1 in Viet Nam? How much is cost now? please let me know.

  • danny

i love it. where do they sell it and how much? please give me info on this.

  • jauram

find me a better one...

  • Cool boy

This phone is too samll seeing from the picuture is also not looking good. So i don't think i'll keep it. All i can say it's say Nokia or sony-ericson and neonode is sucku know.

  • furt

What is the price for this phone and for the Nokia 7600.
Please reply a.s.a.p

  • Håkon Faraas

how mutch does it cost,and where can i buy it? it looks like a realy nice phone and quite helpfull too but so far i havent seen eanyone that sell it...

  • The Don

Just got this phone! Sick phone - not sure why everybody's hatin. Works fine with my burn-Inet compatible(T-Mobile) sim chip(USA). I'm still figuring out how to use it...Dont have a manual for it yet - im sure i'll find one (.pdf format) after it's released. I figure out something new everyday. Internet browsing is crazy - Internet explorer works good without many problems, display is bit awkward. Definately something I can get used to.

  • Bilal

it sucks!!!

  • sandra hastrup

more information about your product awaiting to your reply

  • davirus

At first iwas scepticle than i started reading about the fone and i found it very interesting and a great fone but now i think its just a hoax they keep delalyign the realease dat form febuary to may now to december I dont think this fone will ever come out and if it does it will probably be in the year 2304 when we dont even use fones. And i wish they woudl have the decency and respect to answer their customers emails. TJis foen is hoax a waste of time

  • abul

i really want to buy this it sounds and looks excellent how much will it cost when it first comes out

  • Pastor Adedeji Henry

State of the art, we want to be the sole distrubutors in Africa of the Neonode N1 what will it take.

  • Anonymous

Because Neonode do not respect their potential customers I will not buy this phone. I will buy the Nokia 8910i.

This is what a company who refuses to reply to their customers is worthy of.

I will tell all of my big spending friends to avoid this phone.

If any Neonode employees are reading this I hope that you learn your lesson.

  • Anonymous

the neonode will only be avalible online, and will only ship to some eurpen countries
price : 520 euros
release date : n/a

the phone is only dual band, when the dual band is relased thn the company will make another version for america

  • JEPB

Does anybody out there have any news about the N1?A part from the news on the Neonode website. Any members of Neonode reading this let me know when the release date will be.

  • mıcheal menten

ı thınk you worked hard about a foolısh thıng a phone ıs not for doıng everythıg

  • urech

I do like this kind of phone,It's so different than any other phones, where can i buy this phone?


The Kraftwerk of mobile communications.
The spec sounds impresive.
My Japanese partners say its good

  • Kavin

How much price this phone? How i can to buy this phone? from kavin/ Bangkok-Thailand.

  • KulangoT

does someone know if this cellfone will also be released in ASIA PACIFIC countries? such as Philippines, Hongkong etc....