Neonode N1

Neonode N1

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  • vinod

can you find out the total price to have this phone. 0400390386.

  • Foreplay

Will it also be available in Holland?

  • Bacardi

vaporware, simple as that. been close to 8months since we last heard anything on this phone. delay after delay.. its no longer that impressive.

  • Vesko

Hallo!I want to know where I can buy NEONODE N1 in my area,Yugoslavia,and which price? Thanks,at advance!

  • Vesko

Hallo!I want to know where I can buy NEONODE N1 in my area,Yugoslavia,and which price? Thanks,at advance!

  • Henning

Anyway... the price for this phone will be less than 5000,- swedish kroner.... For those of you who wanna know!

  • Henning

Where can i buy this phone??? I just got to have one!!

  • john

how much cost,please??

  • Anonymous

i got a better pc at home but slightly bigger ...

  • megafair industries

Give it 9.5 point out of 10 at todays market.It has got lots of features and nice design . It will change the view
of the people who never change phone brand

  • anis

Ji, this is a super mobile, i dream of it day and night.!!!
Can you tell me where i can buy it in the internet and how much is it?
Thanks for your answer

  • pamela

helo pl, where i can get it for free, thanks!

  • branko

your company are going to fast for me. its a super mobile phone can you tel me
how much will be the price and when will be aveable for me to buy it {holland or

  • rafiq

where can i buy 1????

  • Andrew Birds

Please if the GSM Arena get to know about the Neonode website opening could someone let me know as i have an intrest in this product thankyou..

  • God

i wish neonode forums were still up they would have so many complaints, they would diserve it tooo.


  • God

Neonde N1 expected to be available in UK by christmas, orange is probably gonna have dibs on the phone first, its gonna cost a bomb, unless youve got the money to fool around with, dont buy it. It will have wat too many faults in the end (especially since its gonna have CE WINDOWS bluescreen friendly) second its a new company not that we know much about it but anyway, what will they be able to offer, its taken years just to get the phone ready for production.

i really wanted this phone but everytime i read new stuff about it, i go of it more and more....

  • clive

wooooooow a great data

vrey great data

  • skywalker

go go power ranger!

  • Carlos

It's amazing!!!