Neonode N1

Neonode N1

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  • GUGU

Do you know how much it costs ? Can it be played Counter-Strike on it ?

  • nedali

i like to buy this phone let me know when it is avalable

  • kevin

This a tanatastic phone, how much can one get for?

  • Anonymous

@ blerb ... dont you know that acorns are ANCIENT!!!! hardly any one uses them ... prob only good as paper weights or door stops

  • eEL

Super Gsm! I Love Neonode!

  • N1

@ blerb... where did you get infromation about the "acorn" phone?
do you have any link?

  • blerb

has any1 heard of "acorn". they are an english company producing computers in very small numbers, they to use an arm processor like this fone-anybody know if these companies are linked in any way?

great fone-very original an high tech too!

  • FuryRo

If you look carefully at the phone specs, you will see the status: COMING SOON. This means it's not on the market yet. :)

  • Nguyen

I live in VietNam,this phone is not available here.Any one please tell me how to buy it and how much it costs?I like it because it uses windowCE, which is more convenient to use than Symbian (just in VN only)

  • panayiotis

i want it.when is it going to get in the fucking market.i can;t wait longer

  • alexis

is beautiful...
export to brazil????

  • N1

The Phone Will Cost 530 Euros, and you will ONLY be able to buy it from their website when the phone is released.

  • Mojito

This is very good! But in my opinion that imposeble that I can buy!

  • petra nastold

I am interested at neonode n1. How much does it cost? And when can I order it? I'am from germany. I hope, it is possible to buy this kind of handy.
Thanks for your answer.
Best regards
Petra Nastold

  • Sasa Spica

please send me informations for neonode n1.thanks, nokia shop munich (germany)

  • Josip B

the phone will cost 520 when it hits the market, and you will be able to buy it on when it's released :)

  • Anonymous

What is the price of this phone in AUS dollars

  • kevin

How much is it? what time for the market?

  • binh nguyen

hi all!
i want buy neonode n1.see you soon.

  • Walter Brone

When & where can I buy the Neonode N1?

Kindly regards,

Walter B.