New report says Samsung Galaxy Note9 arriving August 9

Himanshu, 02 June 2018

Recently, there was a report that Samsung has decided to delay the Galaxy Note9 unveiling by two weeks - from mid July to August beginning. And now, a new report from Bloomberg says the device will be made official on August 9.

The report further says the handset will carry the Note 9 moniker, and will feature an upgraded camera and processor. So nothing new there. Sales for the phone, report notes, will begin sometime towards the end of August.



Reader comments

As expected from Samsung there will be almost nothing new but price will increase a lot from price for which at day we could be allowed to buy Note 9 the older Note 8 would costs. Its same like Samsung S7-8-9 Series Main compoments are like same c...

  • .alpha
  • 03 Jun 2018
  • IbG

Just a Galaxy S9+ with stylus, like all Notes back to Note 5. Samsung is really boring.

  • AnonD-762416
  • 03 Jun 2018
  • mY{

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