New Symbian^4 concept screenshots surface up

15 January, 2010

Three Symbian^4 UI mockups found their way to the surface. As compared to previous leaks, now there are semi-transparent menu overlays and richer variety of sample homescreen widget. But the pictures show only a small part, the Concept Proposal document offers a lot more suggestions though.

We already showed you what the upcoming editions of Symbian OS will look like - at least the video player and gallery part. Back then we were promised simplified UI, 3x boost on the performance and multi-touch gestures support.

The new shots today bring only subtle changes to the table. The semi-transparent menu bar overlay is the most notable change we can see. Next are the nicely designed clock and to-do widgets, and that's all you can conclude from these new images.

The concept sshots

The User Interface Concept Proposal found alongside the UI design mockups include renewed layouts, non-standard shaped homescreen widgets with free movement and placement, improved task-switcher, redesigned Settings and Power menus.

The renewed layouts concerns the titlebar region, which may contain three interactive elements - universal signal and battery indicators, app title menu with drop-down element for more options and a back button. The titlebar and the bottom menu bar can be set to auto-hide on a predefined interval.

The Symbian^2 and ^3 are expected in Q1 and Q4 this year, while the Symbian^4 shown here is scheduled for the early 2011.



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Ever used an iPhone you fool.. Don't know what you are talking about comparing iPhone with stupid n95 lmao iPhone is an unmatched touchscreen phone till date it got the best os and the ease of use and making everything a fun to use makes it the ...

  • vinod

how it works with nokia 5800.can i use it with my nokia 5800?