iPhone 6s rumored to sport 2GB of RAM, Apple SIM too

04 March, 2015
Apple's next generation smartphones will bump up the memory capacity, a new report claims.

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  • Shen

AnonD-1825, 06 Mar 2015C'mon man, you already made yourself look completely fool. ... moreYou speak English the same as my cousin do ...
Anyway keep up the good work :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 06 Mar 2015S5 cost $254 build, the screen was $63. Like i already s... moreYou keep side tracking the whole picture and acting like it's only Samsung in the equation. You therefor have lost the battle.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 06 Mar 2015Look the photo from this site http://www.macrumors.com/2015... moreAgain you are side tracking and lying.

The point is Apple's profits are at a much higher margin because they sell much cheaper hardware at much higher prices. And sales configures and part costs 100% specifically prove this. You cannot deny it.

And Samsung also gets profit selling parts too. Including to apple. Almost every device uses Samsung chips.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 06 Mar 2015C'mon man, you already made yourself look completely fool. ... moreThey didn't say the Galaxy didn't make them profit. And you know that's not what they said.

They specifically pointed out that both parts cost and RnD are much higher on Galaxy.

And you completely side track this to make foolish claims.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Mar 20151GB RAM dual core droid lag. 3GB RAM octa core droid lag... more1GB ram iphone lag and world lead in crash
Don't know what pretend world you live in.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 05 Mar 2015Of course they make most of profits if they sell over 70 mi... moreGalaxy phones alone "Note and S" sell in the multi millions 40-120 million depending on the years.

And there are millions of other phones besides them. Large portions of them flagships all better and costing more than an iphone to make.
Millions and millions of other flagships are sold too. And Samsung has other flagship models.
Plus mid rangers can still cost a decent bit and sell in massive quantities.
And of course cheaper devices cost a lot less, but sell in extremely massive quantities.

So you are again making up excuses and denying the truth.

If you do so again you you forfeit any factual knowledge and concede a win.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 05 Mar 2015Exactly and so s5 cost like $40-50 more to build than iPhon... more$50 dollar difference is huge and does count all the difference in the time and RnD for the Galaxy.

Amoled displays are way more costly. And proven to be better. For one instance.
You exaggerate everything you say. Stop avoiding the point of profit to sales ratio.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-368556, 05 Mar 2015You just made this up didn't you? It actually costs $256 fo... moreA 50-100 dollar difference in making a phone is HUGE!
And that does not account the much higher cost and time in RnD in making and designing all the parts like the display.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 05 Mar 2015" This just highlight my point. You pay $700 for Sams... moreThe numbers don't lie. iOS has 11% global sales and Android has 80%.
iOS somehow turns around with 80% profit.

Stop avoiding this and admit it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 05 Mar 2015Has someone stole your candy? :D Don't you understand how c... moreEither you cannot read...Or you are being a fanboy and purposefully saying foolish things...And then you talk about others not reading your comments.

My comment was obviously a reply to someone that brought up the price of the Galaxy in reference to someone talking about how the iphone is factually over priced.

And you reply to side track and negate the whole thing and tell me my comments look childish and this is about the iphone. Showing you cannot read or are being a tr0ll.
So if you cannot stop denying and side tracking you automatically concede the win to me.

  • Anonymous

harlekkin, 05 Mar 2015I've been on Gsmarena when you were probably still a kid. A... moreSo you are so much a dinosaur you don't realize you just confirmed....Jealous because they can't afford ihpone...Aka in their eyes have been saying all androids are supposedly cruddy and cheap.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-341196, 05 Mar 2015I feel bad for people who don't like Apple devices yet insi... moreMeanwhile most of you apple lovers are bashing on Android pages every day. So you are debunked.

And you show who the real hters are by bashing on me for a comment that says it's unfair what carriers are doing to people with apple sims.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-341196, 05 Mar 2015Apparently you have no idea what off-screen benchmarks are.Apparently you can't read. I said "they use decent GPU".
Start actually trying to make logical replies or I will just keep schooling you

  • still sane

I pity all the isheeps and Sammyfans. Wasting precious time nd energy fighting for a company which,
1) they don't own
2) doesn't share their profit with them.
3) wud f up deir finance if got the chance.

But please continue. You are making the fight more interesting than the actual article!! :P :P

  • Smile

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015Well well. 1GB Ram / dual core and 8MP mid range android... moreHaha...did you compare the features the android phone offers, IOS is just so restricted....users know it better

  • AnonD-1825

Linas, 06 Mar 2015Not to mention that you use Macrumors to highlight your poi... morehttp://cdn01.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Samsung-Q3-2014-Profit-710x413.jpg

You clearly see from this photo, great profits from q1 2014 its the time when S5 released, it sold very well but suddenly stopped selling and you can see instant result in profit, huge drop q2 and q3 and (q4 which doesnt show in that pic).

  • AnonD-1825

Linas, 06 Mar 2015Not to mention that you use Macrumors to highlight your poi... moreS5 cost $254 build, the screen was $63.

Like i already said Apple is making about $50 more profit than samsung from their flagship, not $450 like you think :D

Samsung profits were almost same as Apple in their best days, now Apple collecting all the profits because S5 isnt selling well.

If what you said is true, how the heck anyone else than samsung is even trying to do phones? According to you samsung need to sell like 350 million highend galaxies to make lot of profit, but lets get back to reality, if samsung could sell 70 million galaxy s6 next quarter their profits would be HUGE. But according to you they would hardly make any money :D

By the way macrumors has nothing to do with that information.

Can you find any source which says anything like you said? That galaxies doesnt make lot money, I don't think so...

  • Linas

AnonD-1825, 06 Mar 2015Look the photo from this site http://www.macrumors.com/2015... moreNot to mention that you use Macrumors to highlight your point - which I cannot see as independent and not partial site.

You cannot even understand information you posted yourself - Samsung operation margin overall now is 14% and at its peak was 22%.

While apple was always around ~37%.

The value share means nothing for profit margin..

Even more let me explain that in more details:
Apple uses overpriced low value components, because they don't make them themselves, so e.g. they buy screen from chinese manufacturer - such old screen value is maybe $15, but manufacturer have to pay tax on it and make profit so the final sale price fro apple is $25 > then screen gets delivered to Foxconn which makes all apple products where the iphone gets assembled.. the the total value of the part to be put in iphone is maybe $100 when it reaches Foxconn, but after it is assembled Foxconn have to pay tax and make profit as well, so the price apple pays for made iphone is already $160, but the actual value is 20-40% less (depending on the size of tax and profit chinese companies pays/made).

From here on everything else is only logistics and marketing costs and apple profits which makes phone price $700.

This works opposite in Samsung where they make and develop majority of components themselves. So while it cost maybe $300+ to make Samsung galaxy flagship its actual value is even greater e.g. if other company wanted to source components from Samsung they would need to pay great royalties for proprietary Samsung technologies which are superior by few years compared to those used in apple phone.

  • AnonD-1825

Linas, 06 Mar 2015Include R&D, taxes and other operation and that is what... moreLook the photo from this site http://www.macrumors.com/2015/02/09/apple-mobile-profits-q4-2014/ and you might? Understand how completely wrong you are.

Look the profits from last two year. Samsung profits from the market were best at 52%!!! cant you see the pattern, what happened after that 52% no new galaxies and then came s5 which didnt sell like s4 which made that 52%!!!! in best days. So their profits have droppen since even their sales have been hight, their sales just turned into lowend markets=not much of profit.

And sametime Apple is going into another direction starting from 56% share, but their highend sales didnt slow down, they just sold over 20 million more iPhones than ever before and collecting 93% of profits because samsung selling highend devices so badly.

Apple got all those samsung profits because s5 was flop. And anyone else havent made any profit in last two years.

Still dont see the big picture? Its very clear, samsung is doing almost same amount profits from galaxies than Apple, Apple is getting around $50 more per unit.

  • Smile

AdamBoy64, 04 Mar 2015Depends on the OS. On Android, it's not.Well. I have a Sony Xperia Z1, with 2GB RAM & 1080p screen, never had any issues with it, had it since 24th November 2013, since then I am really happy with it, everything is awesome, no negatives