Apple Watch pricing starts at $349, pre-order it from April 10

09 March, 2015
The Watch Sport, Watch and Watch Edition will start shipping from April 24 in select countries.

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  • jo

I am in Singapore can pre order apple watch on 10 Apr 2015?

  • Nique

Is it made out of the same stuff the the iPhone6 is made of?

If so that'd be cool as you could bend time, just like all those SciFi movies :)

  • agentoftheweek

i dont know if i like this

  • Realistic torch

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2015That's just your field of observation, though. I've known far mo... moreAcceptable logical flow and nice paragraph arrangement. You get used to knowing that how to write an academic manuscript

  • khanyo khanyo

AnonD-314503, 10 Mar 2015Expect a quarter or two, samsung will also release 22k solid gol... moreinteresting , seems you are samsung employee :)

  • khanyo khanyo

AnonD-302136, 10 Mar 2015Love it or hate it, understand it or don't, afford it you can or... moreOh Ok

  • Anonymous

Tcool, 10 Mar 2015Ew! Ugly! Looks cheap!it#s definitly not :))

  • Love it!

For what I do (phone calls, apple pay) it gives me a huge amount of functionality while being lightweight, no chance of falling out of my hands or flying off the top of my car, no awkward fumbling with it. One thing a lot of people might not realize (but I do because I've done research on it for 40 years) is that while you may not know the exactly where points are located on an object you are holding in your hand, you ALWAYS know where points are located on your own wrist. This is going to be a breakout.

Ew! Ugly!
Looks cheap!

  • PC

Who wants a watch that you have to charge once a day?

  • AnonD-302136

Love it or hate it, understand it or don't, afford it you can or you cant...this is setting the benchmark for the next generation of smart watches, it will change the way all other smart watches will be made.
It will sell more than any other smart watch on the market and mark a move in a new direction to what will be capable.
I use an iPhone, but I certainly will not be buying one, but will be watching now the market changes now that it has been released.

  • AnonD-314503

Expect a quarter or two, samsung will also release 22k solid gold smartwatch that can share heartbeat to a friend.

  • Anonymous

Anonymouse, 10 Mar 2015How come the materials apple uses are always "60% tougher t... moreThat's just your field of observation, though. I've known far more Android owners with cracked screens (Samsung being the leader) and the only major production flaw I've ever encountered was a seriously dodgy battery in an old, pre-Xperia Sony Ericsson.

Yet I'm not going to declare "All Samsung Phones Break" or "All Sony [Ericssons] have dodgy batteries" because A: Correlation Does Not Equal Causation and B: Those problems I've experienced represents a tiny, insignificant amount of all phones that exist, problem struck or otherwise.

  • Just Saying!

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2015"12.000$? I can buy a car with that kind of money. Way to s... moreWhy not a sports car than an icar? psssh. dont try selling stuff around here that dont exist yet in the market.

  • Anonymouse

How come the materials apple uses are always "60% tougher than...whatever" but I know far more apple users (fruit munchers?) with cracked screens or damaged smartphones and other quality issues than android or windows phone users?

  • samsungrules

Haha hahaha best ifan comment I have ever heard apple has just reinvented the watch my god there delusion knows no bounds I give on the human race well done apple the overlords are pleased job done just wipe us all out now plsssssss

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You could say that about smartwatches in general right now, given how the feature creep shows we have absolutely no idea what they are for as yet (and the terrible battery life that separates *all of them* from old school watches)

  • Anonymous

Not for geeks, 10 Mar 2015What i say has truth! Most geeks do not care much about the w... moreWhat he said has some truth, it's not for everyone. Friends has smart watches and basically they know they feel most things is not necessary unless you are a fitness buff. To shell out this much for a watch they might as well get a fitness band which is much cheaper and have longer battery life.

  • Nick

Hamad , 10 Mar 2015This watch battery lasts 18 hours only! this watch will FAIL and... moreI suppose you are Apple's official sales forecaster?

  • AnonD-338467

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2015Your phone cannot tap to remind you. Your phone cause friends a... moreYour phone cannot tap to remind you.
Only Apple iPhone cannot tap to remind

Your phone cause friends and family to hate you, as you constantly stare at it instead of them.
Your family & friends already hating you for disturbing them when they wanted to watch their Android phones.

You cannot wear your phone, as a fashion statement.
Do you know what is an Armband?

Your phone cannot measure your health 24x7
Tim Cook said you're wrong and disqualified you. Apple watch only last 18 hours

Your phone cannot come with you when you are exercising
I repeat, do you know what is an Armband?

Your phone cannot help you, unless you have 1 free hand.
Same goes to Apple watch

So Apple watch is there to fill those void.
Your claimed void not valid.

And yes, it does not work for geeks also, as they are glued to their phones too much, and they do not care about health, workout or friends or family.
It certainly work for Apple geeks.