Apple Watch pricing starts at $349, pre-order it from April 10

09 March, 2015
The Watch Sport, Watch and Watch Edition will start shipping from April 24 in select countries.

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  • sammy9

too much money for nothing

  • iphone heater

overpriced everywhere for a ugly pieces of iphone
however the iphones fan will pay this and more just cause it have a apple on it lol!!!

  • Coin

You can drive the price up to $17000 depending on the choice of your wristband for the watch

  • Gee

LOL when will you people wakeup!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-178450

$2000 extra for just a thicker watch strap? Only Apple!!

  • annonymous

best tech watch ever

  • AnonD-30846

Very good

  • AnonD-78016

I'm an avid apple user, even I think this is disgracefuly overpriced.

  • AnonD-30846

Looks very nice.
By the way.....First Commenter