Apple Watch pricing starts at $349, pre-order it from April 10

09 March, 2015
The Watch Sport, Watch and Watch Edition will start shipping from April 24 in select countries.

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  • AnonD-357689

Looks bulky.
Looks Ugly.
Poor battery life.
Stupidly overpriced. And as always only halfwits will buy this.

  • Anonymous

18 hours battery life, if you don't use it much, just wow... XD

  • Krish

Time to leave this planet:D:D:D:D

  • Nique

Is it made out of the same stuff the the iPhone6 is made of?

If so that'd be cool as you could bend time, just like all those SciFi movies :)

  • nicky

obsolete at launch.. too bad.

Few are interested in a gadget that requires charging every one or two days... when the autonomy reaches at least 2 weeks people will start consider to buy them

  • AnonD-29026

How stupid should you b to buy smart watch for that price. Its a useless thing that will always be in your drawer after a few days of purchase

  • Satinder

iOS 8.2 is now seeding

  • Jane

Shameless prices!!!
I really don't understand that some one is willing to pay upt to $ 1100 (!!!!!!!!) for a digital "watch" which you have to charge every day.
I really don't understand people are buying apple any how.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Yes thats right, people who are 'trolling' are people who automatically can't afford the product (the typical arrogance of an apple fanboy). I could afford it no problem, but no way in hell would i want to pay that for an average smartwatch!!

  • Vic

Any smartwatch itself is quite useless thing. Let alone overpriced Apple Watch. Ideally smartwatch should being supplied with any iPhone or flagship Android device out of box -like headphones, USB cable or charger.

  • Anonymous

I wonder if Edition models will see the need for armed security in Apple stores...

  • AnonD-338895

If I could connect it with my Android device through bluetooth, I would consider byting it because I really like the design of it.
But I'm not willing to go back to iPhone just for a smartwatch so bb Apple Watch! :)

  • nathan

Sky high price for just a watch with an apple logo in it,hahaha.........

  • Just saying!

[deleted post]This guy has been on the other pages spamming this cr*p.

-Could someone please hack the site and disable it.

  • AnonD-166166

Are you serious?!?! Even if I had all the money of the world, I wouldn't buy this piece of crap!!! First, I could buy a way better smartwatch for that money, and second, I could buy a decent car for $12k!!!

  • apple user

iphone heater, 09 Mar 2015overpriced everywhere for a ugly pieces of iphone however the ... morehaha, i love apple but even i wouldnt pay this haha, i wouldnt even pay out for an iphone 6 haha

  • oh god...

im an apple user well soon to be an ex-apple because they are getting ridiclous with prices for stupid little things like this, what are they thinking? who even wants a smartwatch? they are stupid. in fact apple as a whole is stupid, bring back steve jobs! since he went apple has gone down hill so much :(

  • heynekko

$399 for an easily scratched aluminum watch? Do i need an otterbox for this watch? Seriously what were they smoking?

  • LittleSenpai