Microsoft Lumia 640, 640 XL import data reveals Indian pricing

26 March, 2015
Based on import data, the dual SIM models of Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL may be announced soon.

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  • Manghabia thehlungs

Ready for the phone as it will take me from old style of living to the technology style of living, whether in cash or contract - come Lumia 640 XL. Hola dah.

  • Pearl

M waiting fr the price to gt down of lumia 640XL btwn 10k-12k!

  • Vijay kumar Delhi.

I purched one Luia 640 via Flipcart...around Indian Rs around 12500/-. The problem is hw to trasfer data . My old mob is android tech. I exported my data in the SD card .vcf and try to import in lumia . bt nt supporting. my quary is hw totransfer data...

  • teja`

no the prices are different from the mentioned prices on the gsmarena site
...the actual prices are 12k to 15k between

  • lajes

When it was launched in india ??? am waiting for Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM model Mobile...

  • Hari

When it will release in indian market and price of india


the prices of lumia640&640xl at gsmarena is fake .
i other countries prices of the handsets are much higher according to indian ruppee.

  • baski

i have been waiting for tis phone from the anouncement....i'l buy 640 dual sim if it is under10000

  • harry potter

will buy if price less than 9500.

  • Mathew

Owwwwww.....hope the price will be below 10k. i will purchase 2. Great job microsoft.

  • Anonymous

Mrd33p 4700 and 6700 are the cost of device only not for dummy pieces ok na dummy piece will not cost in thousands and no one will buy tht dummy pieces .,,. Are you studying first class or what dont u knw tht .....feeling pitty on you

  • Chandan saroj

My next phone lumia 640 xl

  • RKY

when brought by indian market. i am ready for buy

  • dip

what wll be the final price of lumia 640 By Microsoft???

  • AnonD-352306

r you compareing microsoft with zolo , xioami ......

  • anonymous

Dr.Z, 27 Mar 2015I really want to by a under 15k Lumia phone but hv some dou... morebecause windows phone is uses low memory to run applications so it is used snapdragon 400 series

and the display gives better feel to capture images and playing games

  • harry

Dr.Z, 27 Mar 2015I really want to by a under 15k Lumia phone but hv some dou... moreBecause they have some limitations and restrictions in hardware

  • Sukam

If the price gone above 10k,then it ll not compete with android

  • Nitin

Friends LUMIA 640 and 640 XL has arrived in India.

It appears the phones are being shipped from Vietnam and nine batches of the products have been shipped to Mumbai. As per the import information the base cost of the Lumia 640 is Rs.4,683 and the Lumia 640XL is Rs.6,710.

  • Nikhil

When it was launched in india ???