Microsoft Lumia 640, 640 XL import data reveals Indian pricing

26 March, 2015
Based on import data, the dual SIM models of Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL may be announced soon.

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  • hitesh

it is very nice phone..what is this..price..

  • Dr.Z

I really want to by a under 15k Lumia phone but hv some doubts..

1)why all the lumia phones hv same processor? why don't they change/ upgrade it?

2)And why does lumia phones come in 720p resolution when most phones, even lower priced ones, hv higher resolution? is the display good enough??

  • Anonymous

How many days it will come in market

  • Anonymous

Lumia 640 3G wil be under 11K
640 XL will be around 13.5K

  • jazz

waiting for this phone ...this will be my next

  • Zaffu

How many days it will available and how much price it will?

  • Abhishek

The prices shown are not the real prices,microsoft intentionally changed the prices for the devices to submit to the indian government for low import tax

  • AnonD-339477

are you kidding me ?
These are only Dummy Units.. and even dummy units are so expensive then mobile can't be cheaper than 14000 INR.

  • AnonD-210780

the top model 640 XL if priced more than INR12000 then it will not stand the competition if MS really want to kill android then thy have to provide phones with more features more apps and with lesser prices.

  • Rameez raja

Excited for this

  • Manny VS

Wondering about prices listed Please note that Lumia 640 XL price is 13,500/-

  • prakash

jagga daku, 26 Mar 2015Not possible. It will be 8000-9000 for lumia 640 and more t... moreYes the price given is wrong... 640xl is 15000 and above..

  • ayush

If this mobile phone is launch at this price then what is differences between Nokia Lumia 730 ds and Microsoft Microsoft Lumia 640 xl

  • AnonD-187491

That's fairytale pricing if you ask me. Simply not possible for it to be priced so low. The XL version will no doubt be above the 10,000 mark.

  • akshat

I know that it is Microsoft guys (world biggest company) when it manufacture its then the product has quality I know that now day Microsoft phone can't comptite with other brands but we know that it's a Microsoft I can bet this phone can change the world because it is a new innovation.
today's Microsoft is not popular in phone marketing because due to O.S.
it is so difficult to understand by unknown people or un hi-tect people that's why Microsoft is back but we hope that MS will bring innovation by its product

  • jagga daku

Not possible. It will be 8000-9000 for lumia 640 and more than 10,000 for XL version

  • AnonD-158412

Love lumia.hope it to come in around 10 k

the best lumia microsoft ever manufactured

  • AnonD-247176

AnonD-247176, 26 Mar 2015it's simple guys! 640's price is around 630's price 640XL... more640XL's features are as same as 730's feature just screen and PPI and battery different!

  • AnonD-247176

it's simple guys!
640's price is around 630's price
640XL's price is around 730's price!