Samsung Galaxy S6 is receiving a new firmware update

08 May, 2015
Samsung's latest flagship has received a small software update, which seems to fix the memory issue.

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  • Radtliza

Bad update... having issues with switching languages in keyboard

  • AnonD-658757

StoneCreature, 22 Mar 2017When will come to Serbia ,nougat for s6? anyone know?Ima druze,­6/1e32/SEE/G920FXXU5EQBC/G920FOXX5EQB1/. Za brze skidanje ovog kao svakog drugog firmware-a download SamFirm. Srecno :)

  • Jo

Hate hate hate this update. Fonts, colours, arrangement, everything...I'm actually angry. How can I be angry over such a thing...because it's so frustrating and unusable. Grrrrrr please how can I get rid of it? I can't even use my contacts easily...spitting feathers grrrr.

  • Pink

Worst update ever. Everything has gotten so small. What's the point in having big phone 😠😠😠&#128­544;😠

  • Angelina Ballerina

OMG latest update is shit !!!! Totally ruined my phone, battery death. Layout changed and can't find anything. Sh@@gged my photo gallery up. Hate it, hate it, hate it !!!!!

  • AnonD-657949

hello, that update is nougat or not?

  • Bojan

My phone samsung galaxy S6 want to die, wifi not working , it is restartning it self it is shit. all start after update to new version yesterday. Phone is not usable, slow and big shit

  • saeedt

this update is absolutely awful
I wish I read these post before updating
it is horrible and I hate it
the worse thing is that you cannot change it
I wish there was a way to go back !!

  • AnonD-656431

How come i didnt receive any update with my samsung s6. 😔

  • AnonD-656405

It's ugly, but my battery is life is much improved.

  • Anonymous

Wow, this update is awful, the layout and display is now dreadful. Even worse I cannot change it. The phone is slow now, system applications are no longer working and the battery dies alot faster. Oh and it has installed pointless programs, I will never use! I atleast uninstalled 2 of them. My S6 was awesome, now I am happy to replace it>

  • Oksy

Bart, 25 Mar 2017If you haven't updated yet don't, the worst update ever my phone... moreYeah...and the interface is so baaaad :/

  • Oksy

The worst update!! Give me back my previous one ;( notifications from WhatsApp and icons look horrible 👎

  • Bart

If you haven't updated yet don't, the worst update ever my phone is so slow now I wish I could uninstall it .

  • StoneCreature

When will come to Serbia ,nougat for s6? anyone know?

  • Trex

This latest firmware update is a Battery KILLER! I cannot even make it through the day with battery saver on! And I don't use social media, not on phone much, very few apps.

  • Yours Fed up!

What the hell!!!! New update is crap. Why do Samsung do this. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Really fed up!

  • AnonD-652925

When does the SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 "SM-G920F" get the new update? United kingdom

  • Gios

This update is horrible. Whats up with all the advertisements when unlocking my phone? This update is an inconvenience if nothing else.

  • TaraF

I hate it!!! How to I remove it?