Nokia will launch new smartphones in 2016, CEO now says

19 June, 2015
The Finnish company won't be directly producing them, instead choosing to license its brand to partners.

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  • Anonymous

Its time to comeback with good FEATURES

  • Anonymous

I love NOKIA. Please come back verry soon.

  • Pappu mondal

Plese come back nokia,.i miss you nokia.i like you nokia.

  • ganesh pawar

pl fast launch new smart phone pl waiting me nokia 500 change only in nokia

  • Anonymous

Please back Nokia I like this company and Nokia camera clarity and battery backup so good touch very sensitive

  • Anonymous

I hope that Nokia will still run windows ... it's running better than android ... please keep up the good work and be greater than android or ios ...P.S. not big fan of microsoft 950

  • mohd dawood.D.K

I received please come back
I miss you nokia will launch new phone
Please please

  • Pankaj

Really Missing Something withaout Nokia

  • Prasad

I love nokia phone comeback

  • King

Nokia was a best phone manufacturer in past but Now it isn't the best.
I used to use nokia phones in my School days and quality was best at that time.Now even basic mobile phones of nokia are not to that level.Design of Nokia mobiles is outdated.They have to make thier phones with slim size without changing batery performance and Design should be improved.Basic Mobile phones are good enough to withstand againest all odds but speaker problem and screen sizes are worst.They won't give front speaker to here caller voice.

  • ayush

Pls come back ! We are missing you !

  • jp

nokia pls launch android mobiles and come to your 1st place.......


I'm using every time Nokia mobile because I love Nokia mobile phone, Nokia is best mobile company in the world plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz Come back Nokia very soon

  • Partha

I Love Nokia. Please Come Back

  • Maddy

Nokia is best in the world. Pls come back soon.

  • Mubi

I love you nokia
Come back
still now im using your mobile

  • gajendra kumar

nokia mobile company is very very very very very very best company in world please back

  • ASHU

i love u nokia pls cm back sooooon.......

  • waseem

Shonu, 05 Feb 2016I lv nokia, its amazing n cool phn in the wrldPlz nokia come back I don't want to used any brand phone escape u

  • minnu

goushu, 02 Feb 2016i love nokia well come backI like nokia smart phone